Andrea Esselman

Collaborative Demo Day Is a Success

By Andrea Esselman

Entrepreneurship Club President Tony Klur and Computer Science Grad Student Steve Rubin

After a full semester of hard work and collaboration between the USC Entrepreneurship Club and the USC Computer Science program, it was time to celebrate all that had been achieved.

On Thursday night, friends, fellow students, and news media crowded around twelve tables, showing off the apps that had been created during the semester. 

Spirit Communications Park Welcomes Fans to Its Inaugural Game

By Andrea Esselman

Entrance to Spirit Communications Park

Anticipation filled the air, as people milled around outside the stadium. The gates opened, and the pressure of all the months leading up to this moment was released. Spirit Communications Park was officially open for its first baseball game.

Fans from all over came to Thursday’s inaugural game at the brand new Spirit Communications Park, located off of Bull Street. They were greeted with a wide variety of festivities, including a live band, balloon artists, stilt walkers, a play area for children, and a host of all-American food. 

Columbia's Riverfront Park Reopens

By Andrea Esselman

Welcome Back Sign at Park

Columbia’s Riverfront Park is more than just a path by the river. It is a place that brings people together. After the canal was breached during the historic flood, the Columbia Riverfront Park was closed. However, portions of the park finally reopened this past Tuesday. Already, the stories of how it is drawing people from all over are flooding in.

George and Pat Flammer are from New York. They own a home here in Columbia that they visit a few times during the year, especially during the winter when it is cold further north. “We’re very happy that it’s open again,” says Pat. 

Columbia Ranked Among Top 50 Best Places to Live

By Andrea Esselman

Columbia Skyline

The city of Columbia is a pretty great place to live, at least according to this year's U.S. News and World Report's Best Places to Live list. 

According to the report, "U.S. News analyzed the 100 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live." Columbia was placed at number 46, with an overall score of 6.6 out of 10. The ratings looked at the value, desirability, job market, and quality of life in the cities analyzed.

Q&A | Economics and Education: A Conversation with Courtney Epting

By Andrea Esselman

Courtney Epting

Courtney Epting works with SC Economics, a support system for South Carolina teachers that is partnered with the South Carolina Department of Education. SC Economics provides free professional development opportunities to teachers that help them to build confidence in what they teach, and a deeper understanding of how economics can be used in the classroom. SC Economics also focuses on students in grades K-12, providing games and competitions, which promote interest in economics and provide skills that are useful in life. 

PODCAST | Meet the Founders of Voterheads

By Andrea Esselman

Karl McCollester and Matt Hudson, founders of Voterheads

It's a big election year, and the campaigns for the Presidential election have been dramatic to say the least. There has been a general increase in interest in national politics, but once the election is over, will the interest remain?

PODCAST | Getting to Know Ron Lieber, Columnist at The New York Times

By Andrea Esselman

Ron Lieber

Ron Lieber, The New York Times “Your Money” columnist and author of the bestselling book The Opposite of Spoiled, recently visited the Midlands to talk about raising kids who are financially smart.

The event was hosted by the Central Carolina Community Foundation, the Jewish Federation and the Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center.

Carolina Money had the opportunity to talk to Lieber about his career, life, and of course, money. Check out our conversation!

Tiny Techz Brings STEM Education to Young Students

By Andrea Esselman

Tiny Techz Brochure

Tiny Techz is a program designed to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to young students. It works with schools to teach students fundamental skills that will help them have successful futures. Tiny Techz was created by Chris Williams and Ricky West as a way to mentor students and introduce valuable knowledge to them early on. 


Global Entrepreneurship Week Brings the 2015 Proving Ground to USC

By Andrea Esselman

Proving Ground event happening

What happens when a Shark Tank-styled event and Columbia entrepreneurs come together?

Proving Ground Happens.

The 2015 Proving Ground was the culmination of three months' worth of competition between local entrepreneurs, trying to jump-start their ideas. It was the final round of competition, featuring eight teams of entrepreneurs competing for $80,000 in prize money.

PODCAST | Recovering from the Flood: Lexington's Old Mill

By Andrea Esselman

Recovering from the Flood: Lexington's Old Mill

Laban Chappell is the co-owner of Lexington's Old Mill, along with his father-in-law and brother-in-law. He lives in Charleston and travels to Lexington frequently to maintain the mill and work with the businesses that are located there. 

The Old Mill is home to many local businesses, including: