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June 2022

DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD: DANIEL VISITS A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD is a new one-hour special. Daniel takes his first train ride to visit Juan Carlos and his family in another neighborhood! When they arrive, Daniel is disappointed that his gift for Juan Carlos is broken, but no matter what happens, they are happy to be together. This special premieres June 20 and repeats several times during the week.

Also in June, there are new episodes of CURIOUS GEORGE (Fridays in June), and DONKEY HODIE (June 6-9).


July 2022

Two new 90-minute CURIOUS GEORGE specials are coming to PBS KIDS in July. In CURIOUS GEORGE 4: ROYAL MONKEY it’s a case of mistaken identity when George is accidentally swapped with an identical looking Royal Monkey with a totally different personality and in CURIOUS GEORGE 5: GO WEST, GO WILD George and Ted travel to Cousin Ginny’s farm for a relaxing outdoor weekend, but plans take a turn when her farm animals escape into the wild blue yonder. CURIOUS GEORGE 4: ROYAL MONKEY and CURIOUS GEORGE 5: GO WEST, GO WILD premiere Friday, July 1.

The final new ‘Mobile Unit’ episodes of ODD SQUAD premiere July 4-8. This month there are also new episodes of CURIOUS GEORGE (Fridays, July 8-29), ALMA’S WAY (July 11-14), and MOLLY OF DENALI (July 18-21).



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