The Lewis and Clark Expedition, Part 4 - A Heroes' Welcome | History in a Nutshell


The team is proud to unveil the newest edition of History in a Nutshell: an expose about the Corps of Discovery's journey west, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark! The Lewis and Clark Expedition represents a true American tale, how they opened up the American west for future generations.  Between 1804-1806, Lewis and Clark led a trek exploring the newly acquired Louisiana Territory; their primary task being to confirm the existence of the fabled "Northwest Passage" waterway, which could potentially open up invaluable trade routes with Asia. Was the Louisiana Purchase worth the $15 million dollar price tag? Find out with this edition of History in a Nutshell!

The final segment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition outlines the journey back to St. Louis, Missouri. Along the way Lewis and Clark split up after the Bitterroot Mountains to scout previously unexplored areas during the westbound journey. An altercation with members of the Blackfoot tribe caused Lewis to make haste back to rejoin Clark at the Missouri River. After saying a few goodbyes at Fort Mandan, the Corps of Discovery returned to St. Louis where they were given a warm welcome. Lewis and Clark's expedition opened up the American west for future generations, but also left tremendous impacts on the Native American tribes they encountered.  

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