October 7 is a wonderful kind of day!


October 7th marks the 25th anniversary of ARTHUR's first broadcast and the day viewers gained a life-long friend. 

Since its premiere in 1996, ARTHUR has reinforced values of friendship, honesty, empathy, and respect, with a healthy dose of humor. Based on the books by Marc Brown, ARTHUR continues to showcase a wide range of kids, families, and cultures, as part of its mission to ensure that everyone can see their lives reflected in media. 

How to Watch

  • ETV - Watch ARTHUR #101 at 9:00 am ET
  • SCETV KIDS 24/7  - Watch the first five episodes from 7:30-10:00 am ET and again from 7:30-10:00pm ET


#101: Arthur's Eyes/Francine's Bad Hair Day

  1. For some reason, Arthur isn't doing very well in school anymore.  Maybe he just needs some glasses?  Problem is, Arthur hates having to wear them.  But before he knows it, he’s started a trend!      
  2. It’s school picture day and Muffy is determined that Francine will look her best.  Francine has been shamed into rising to the challenge—she’s gotten her hair curled, she’s even wearing a dress.  (Which causes quite a bit of mirth, until Francine threatens to beat everyone up.)  But no matter how hard she tries, Francine just can’t keep her “new look” together. 

#102: Arthur And The Real Mr. Ratburn/Arthur's Spelling Trubble  

  1. It’s the first day of third grade and Arthur’s biggest fear has come true—his new teacher is the dreaded Mr. Ratburn. A man who eats nails for breakfast, who turns into a vampire at night, who assigns homework EVERY DAY!   But there’s a surprise in store when Arthur and Buster get the chance to uncover the real Mr. Ratburn.
  2. It’s that time again, the annual all-school spellathon.  Arthur is chosen to compete, and after a hard week of studying he finds himself on stage, facing Prunella and The Brain!  Will all of his hard work pay off?  Or will Prunella continue her winning streak? 

#103: D.W. All Wet/Buster's Dino Dilemma

  1. The beach!  The glorious beach!  The crowded, sun-dazzled beach!  The Reads are having a wonderful time, except for D.W. who simply refuses to have fun.  Doesn’t everyone know there are octopuses in the water?  And—help! —Arthur’s being attacked by one!  Will D.W. come to the rescue?
  2. Buster and Arthur make a long-awaited field trip to a dinosaur excavation.  On his own Buster discovers a very interesting bone—is it the remains of a dinosaur or the leftovers from a local fast-food joint? Despite the call of science, Buster doesn’t want to relinquish his find.   

#104: D.W.'S Imaginary Friend/Arthur's Lost Library Book

  1. Someone only D.W. can see has moved in with the Reads.  Her name is Nadine, and she follows D.W. everywhere.  (Be careful where you sit, or what you say, because Nadine is very sensitive.)  But when D.W. insists on bringing Nadine to the amusement park, that’s the last straw for Arthur.  Does he have to be embarrassed by D.W. in front of all of his friends?
  2. Arthur is the first to take out the newest Scare-Your-Pants-Off book from the library.  Unfortunately, a week later, he just can’t figure out where he put it!

#105: Arthur's Pet Business/D.W. The Copycat

  1. How can Arthur prove to his parents that he’s responsible enough to take care of his very own puppy?  “Get a job,” suggests D.W., “and don’t forget you owe me seven dollars.”  Within two days, Arthur’s Pet Sitting Business™ has its first client.  Meet Jaws—AKA “Perky”—enemy of mailmen and pet sitters alike.
  2. Yet another personality change for D.W., who’s decided that from now on, she’ll be just like Arthur.   She’ll walk like him, talk like him, follow him wherever he goes.  How can Arthur persuade D.W. that the world is only big enough for one Arthur?