Coming Home: South Carolina

Approximately 5.1 million people live in South Carolina. Although the majority of the population lives in cities, over half of the state’s 46 counties have no towns over 10,000 residents, and urban centers are concentrated near the mountains, in the midlands and along the coast. Thus, large sections of the state are overwhelmingly rural, and many South Carolinians who live in these areas, from former textile workers in the upstate to black and white farmers in the low country, find themselves struggling. As in other parts of the country, opportunities in these rural areas have faded due to outsourcing of manufacturing, sale of historic land for development, changes in agricultural policy and other factors. Small towns have suffered - yet for the people who live in these communities, they are home.

Coming Home: South Carolina explores the meaning of “home” to South Carolinians who live outside our urban centers. The project is based on a long-term initiative developed by the South Carolina Arts Commission for Art of Community: Rural SC. Coming Home: South Carolina documented those challenges and solutions in seven rural South Carolina counties.

Coming Home: South Carolina was made possible through a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.