Storytime with SCETV: The Best Class Pictures Ever!


The Best Class Pictures Ever!

Written and Illustrated By: Denis Roche

Read By:  Martha Hearn and Kathleen Pennyway

The Best Class Pictures Ever!

It's class picture day, and Class 202 is in an uproar. There's chaos everywhere. And worst of all, the class has no permanent teacher. Olivia is so upset that she can't smile. But Mr. Click, the photographer, knows just what to do. He has them make a list of funny words to coax a grin out of Olivia. Olivia's smile gets wider as the words get funnier. Even the principal is impressed when she sees what Mr. Click does with the unruly class. But it's Olivia's suggestion that Mr. Click become their teacher that makes everyone's smile widest of all. It's the best class picture day --ever!

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