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ETV Teacher Recertification courses are approved by the South Carolina Department of Education for SC educators.

Thirty courses for 20 renewal credits each, facilitated online/self-paced. Cost: $75 each.

Our new 20 renewal credit course Project-Based Learning: Engaging the 21st Century Learner, Part I, is offered for the first time in this Winter session. Cost: $75.

Also, Natural History In and Out of the Classroom with Rudy Mancke for 60 renewal credits only offered in the Winter session. Cost: $200.

And, be sure to check out our FREE offer for this session: Register/pay for at least one 20 renewal credit course and select one from a list of newer 20 renewal credit courses to take free! See details below.

Winter session dates

  • Registration for all courses begins January 8 and continues through February 10
  • All 20 renewal credit courses: Access course(s) and start work January 20; must complete work by March 10
  • Natural History In and Out of the Classroom (60 renewal credits):
    • Start work January 20; must complete by deadlines within course + attend REQUIRED final class meeting April 24 (see below)

Courses for 20 renewal credits (NO graduate credit)

  • Facilitated online and self-paced; cost $75 each
  • Courses will open for you to access course(s) and begin work on January 20 – must complete by March 10

Some Courses You May Be Interested In:

  • Project-Based Learning: Engaging the 21st Century Learner, Part I (20 renewal credits) NEW!

    • PBL is a teaching strategy wherein students learn by actively engaging in meaningful projects with real-world applicability. This NEW course provides an overview of and guides participants through the development and implementation of project-based lessons. Participants will take an in-depth look at the four core benefits of project-based lessons to include: student-centered learning, a sense of relevancy for students, the role of teacher as facilitator and inspiring life-long learning for students. By the end of this course participants will understand the differences between project based learning and conventional teaching methods and will design collaborative learning activities that support student learning in the project-based learning process
  • Natural History in North America & Beyond (Series I, II, III & IV) (20 renewal credits each)

    • In these courses with renowned Naturalist Rudy Mancke, host of ETV/PBS NatureScene for 25 years, participants learn about the biodiversity of the area, looking at the distinctive geography and the great variety of plant and animal life forms along with their remarkable habitats to understand how they are connected. Award-winning NatureScene programs produced on location provide a rich, up-close experience with unprecedented access. Rudy conveys additional information in content segments to extend, reinforce and connect. Series I and Series II highlight regions in USA – the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Series III focuses on regions in SC only. Series IV features areas in USA + some in Canada, Russia, Costa Rica.
  • Women Vision SC: Changes, Careers & Leadership, Series I (20 renewal credits)

    • June 2019 marked the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. This course relates the history and features SC women who have made an impact on our state and nation, providing inspiring career and life-lesson advice for students. For teachers of all grade levels. (FYI - Series II will be added in Spring I session 2021)
  • Other popular 20 renewal credit courses (Go to site below to find course descriptions

  • Connecting with literacy through storytelling
  • Between the water: History -  hobcaw barony (Series I & ii)
  • a literacy tour of sc (series i, ii & iii)
  • sc teachers on teaching (series i & II)
  • the arts and career connections 
  • SC chronicles (Series i - vii)
  • Teaching and learning in carolina classrooms (series I & II)
  • making connections w/natural history (Mancke - series i & ii)
  • career education for student success
  • take on the south with dr. walter edgar

FREE Offer: Register/pay for at least one 20 renewal credit course in Winter 2021 session and receive ONE of these courses free in same session:  Women Vision SC, Series I OR Natural History in North America & Beyond, Series I, II, III or IV.  To receive FREE offer, register/pay for ONE course then email title of course you registered/paid for along with title of course you want free to


Course for 60 renewal credits (NO graduate credit)

  • Natural History In and Out of the Classroom with Rudy Mancke (60 renewal credits)

    • Learn how to integrate engaging Natural History content into any curriculum for any grade level

    • Approved by the SC Department of Education for SC teachers for renewal credit (NO graduate credit)

    • $200 for 60 renewal credit course (pay online by credit card or send check) (NOT part of free offer)

    • Only offered in Winter session (extended “end date” for this course only) (Limited to 25 participants)

    • Facilitated online + REQUIRED final class meeting at ETV in Columbia, April 24, 10:00am-12:30pm

    • Start work on/after Jan. 20 - Four deadlines to complete assignments within course

    • Session “end date” for this course is the Required Final Class Meeting April 24

REGISTRATION opens January 8 for Winter session 2021:

Course descriptions/register/pay:

Questions/Help: / 1-888-761-8132  /  (local) 803-737-9915 or 737-3245

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