History In A Nutshell, Episode 5 - The French and Indian War, Part 1


This second two-part installment of History In A Nutshell is all about the French and Indian War. Not only did the French and Indian War set the stage for America's independence from Great Britain, it also shaped North America as we know it today! The French and Indian War is considered to be the North American offshoot of the Seven Years War - a much larger conflict happening at the same time. Although the French and Indian War and the Seven Years War officially started in 1756, there were engagements happening in North America years prior. 

Part one outlines how the French and Indian War started, and why both the British and French sought the Ohio Valley region, located beneath the Great Lakes.  The British and the French fought for control of the Ohio Valley, and the various Native American tribes residing there were stuck in the middle of the conflict. 

Do the names George Washington or Benjamin Franklin ring any bells? Not only are they two of America's most well-known Founding Fathers, but they also played significant roles in the early stages of the French and Indian War!