History In A Nutshell, Episode 4 - The Space Race, Part 1


Episode four of History In A Nutshell is the first two-part episode! This episode is all about the "Space Race" against the Soviet Union, to the moon! Following World War II, the U.S. was pitted against the Soviet Union in a period known as "The Cold War." The Soviet Union and the U.S. tried to out-perform one another; not just in the realms of political or military influence, but also in scientific achievement, and discovery. 

Part one briefly outlines the Cold War, and how the "Space Race" got started, with the Soviets' launching of Sputnik, in October, 1957. Next came the U.S. competing with the Soviets to launch a man into space. The U.S. considered several methods for putting a man into space, but ultimately decided on Project Mercury, and set out to find seven astronauts to carry America's torch into space.