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Knowitall Resources - Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection - and More!

October 15, 2016 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
Images from featured content for October

In October, we celebrate Media Literacy Week and National Friends of Libraries Week. During this time, ETV salutes the work of Media Specialists and Teacher/Librarians throughout our state! On Knowitall, we’re featuring the resources that are available in our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection, just one of the many Collections that are available and growing on Knowitall!   

Three Series Just Added to Our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection!

Tune Up to Literacy

Recommended for preK-3, this series encourages literacy using original songs by composer/lyricist and educator Dr. Al Balkin, former Western Michigan Professor and composer who wrote music for The Hobbit, as well as several off-Broadway children’s musicals. The videos include these seven topics:

A Syllable

Get the Point

Punctuation Mystery


Sing a Simple Rhyme

The Adjective Song

Vowels and Consonants

Inside Storytelling

This series brings local and national storytellers into the classroom and provides teachers a useful series to use when teaching about the many aspects of reading and writing. South Carolina and national storytellers perform interesting stories and talk about the craft of storytelling.

A Literary Tour of South Carolina

In this series, students will meet nationally recognized authors who call South Carolina home. As they learn about the writing process, students will hear what the authors have to say about making characters come alive on the page, learn how they create the plot for their stories and keep track of the action, and find out how important research is to any story, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Explore the entire Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection for more, including:

Tommy Scott Young – Conversations with S.C. Writers

Idella Bodie’s Ghost Tour: A Writer’s Guide

Mary Boykin Chesnut: Idella Bodie’s S.C. Women

Under Our Periscope Series - National Poetry Month

A. A World of Poetry

B. Poetry All-Stars

C. Poets Laureate

D. Haiku How-To

E. Tools of the Trade

Under Our Pulitzer Prize Winners in South Carolina

Learn from Washington Post columnists Kathleen Parker and Jim Hoagland, delve into the history and life of Julia Mood Peterkin, and find out how a team of reporters from the Charleston Post and Courier worked together to create change in the legal system regarding domestic violence.

Commentary: Kathleen Parker and Jim Hoagland

Literature: Julia Mood Peterkin

Reporting: Till Death Do Us Part

Under Our Writers Series from S.C. Hall of Fame

Elizabeth Coker

Mary Simms Oliphant

Pat Conroy

Robert Bass

Walter Edgar

Under the Topic of National Poetry Month

View resources culled from numerous Series, including S.C. Hall of Fame, Artopia, and Original SC.

Our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection will expand over time, so please continue to visit, as more content is added.


Our New Series - Southern Campaign of the American Revolution - Previews in October  

Two videos provide a glimpse of this exciting new series coming later this fall. The National Park Service celebrates its centennial in 2016. South Carolina ETV and the Sons of the American Revolution collaborated to tell the stories of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. Eight five-minute video segments with online curriculum for South Carolina teachers will be coming in Fall 2016.

The modules will include battles from:

  1. Waxhaws – Blood in the Backcountry
  2. Brattonsville – Choosing Sides
  3. Camden – Defeat and Destruction
  4. Musgrove Mill – Ray of Hope
  5. Kings Mountain – Turn of the Tide of Success
  6. Cowpens – Brilliant Victory
  7. Guilford Courthouse – Costly Victory
  8. Ninety Six – End Game


Also New in October - Two New Installments in the S.C. Hall of Fame Series

Susan Pringle Frost

Susan Pringle Frost dedicated her life to making sure that Charleston’s historic architectural beauty would be preserved. Born in Charleston to wealthy parents in 1873, she lived in the Miles Brewton House on King Street. When her family’s fortune dwindled, Frost got a job as a stenographer. Working for architect Bradford Lee Gilbert, she discovered she had a taste for historic architecture. View more.

Darla Moore

Darla Moore was born and raised near Lake City, South Carolina, growing up on the family cotton, soybean and tobacco farm. After graduating from Lake City High School, she attended the University of South Carolina to study political science, later working for the Republican National Committee in Washington.  In 1982, Moore gained her MBA from George Washington University and moved to New York City where she became one of the most successful and highest paid women in the banking industry. View more.


October Is Also Health Literacy Month - View Our Knowitall Healthy! Collection

As cold and flu season begin, please take a look at our Knowitall Healthy! Collection, which instills sound health practices that can be utilized throughout the year. The Series in this Collection include:

Youth Media Health Institute

EdAware: Eat Smart, Move More

Flu PSAs in English and with Spanish Subtitles

Healthy Hannah


For Halloween, View Our Ghosts and Legends of South Carolina

We have some great ghost stories that will captivate your students! From Alice of the Hermitage to Bubba, from Lizard Man to Stumphouse Tunnel, these stories will “shiver your timbers!”


During Media Literacy Week, Oct. 31-Nov. 4, Explore Artopia: Media Arts "Be A Media Critic"

In Artopia: Media Arts, take a closer look at types of media like photography, radio, film, television and electronic arts in the Be a Media Critic section.

Critical Viewing: Cigarette Ads

How to Be a Critical Viewer

Radio: The War of the Worlds

Television: I Like Ike Campaign

Radio: This American Life

And more!


For more information, visit these websites: Media Literacy Clearinghouse (Videos for Teaching Media Literacy), NAMLE (National Association for Media Literacy Education)Media Literacy Week and National Friends of Libraries Week



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