At-Home Learning - SCETV


Live event will begin  Thursday, June 04, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Viewers can stream SCETV content on this page on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. See schedule below.

Educators and parents can access the full schedule, supplemental lesson plans and curriculum materials at

Tuesday, June 2

1:00 pm - History in a Nutshell (Social Studies)

2:00 pm - Penn Center: A Legacy of Change (Social Studies)

2:30 pm - Web of Water (Science)

3:00 pm - Carolina Classrooms: STEAM Episode (STEAM)

3:30 pm - Dizzie Gillespie: From the Be to the Bop (Social Studies/Visual and Performing Arts)

Wednesday, June 3

1:00 pm - Reconnecting Roots: Dashes to Dot Cams (Social Studies/STEAM)

1:30 pm - By the River: Robert Hicks (ELA/CTE)

2:00 pm - Sea Change (Science/Social Studies)

3:00 pm - South Carolinians in World War II: The Island War (Social Studies)

Thursday, June 4

1:00 pm - Between the Waters (Social Studies)

1:30 pm - Charlie's Place (Social Studies/Visual & Performing Arts)

2:00 pm - Riverbanks Zoo Roundup: Ecoadventure w/Phillippe Costeau & Animal Survival Tactics (Science/Math/Social Studies)

2:30 pm - Science Experiments (Science/Math) 

3:00 pm - A True Likeness: Richard Roberts’ Legacy (Social Studies/Visual & Perf. Arts) 

3:30 pm - WomenVision SC (ELA/Social Studies/CTE) Karen Alexander, Justice Jean Toal, & Inez Tenebaum