History of Input

In 1977, the Rockefeller Foundation brought together in Bellagio, Italy, a group of concerned public service broadcasters from ten European and North American countries. Not satisfied with the images carried across national borders by the popular entertainment programs, the group sought a new channel on international communication, one that would foster the exchange of programs and ideas. They sought a means to address their concerns: to vary the images we have of each other—through an exchange of our television programs—and to present to each other a more accurate representation of our respective cultures. The objective was a deeper understanding created through the celebration of our differences and a closer working relationship built upon our commonalities.

The result of the Bellagio meeting was the formation of INPUT, the International Public Television Screening Conference. Since that time, annual INPUT Screening conferences have been held in the following locations:

INPUT 1977 - Bellagio, Italy
INPUT 1978 - Milan, Italy
INPUT 1979 - Milan, Italy
INPUT 1980 - Washington DC, USA
INPUT 1981 - Venice, Italy
INPUT 1982 - Toronto, Canada
INPUT 1983 - Liège - Belgium
INPUT 1984 - Charleston SC, USA
INPUT 1985 - Marseille, France
INPUT 1986 - Montreal, Canada
INPUT 1987 - Granada, Spain
INPUT 1988 - Philadelphia PA, USA
INPUT 1989 - Stockholm, Sweden
INPUT 1990 - Edmonton, Canada
INPUT 1991 - Dublin, Ireland
INPUT 1992 - Baltimore MD, USA
INPUT 1993 - Bristol, United Kingdom
INPUT 1994 - Montreal, Canada
INPUT 1995 - San Sebastian, Spain
INPUT 1996 - Guadalajara, Mexico
INPUT 1997 - Nantes, France
INPUT 1998 - Stuttgart, Germany
INPUT 1999 - Ft. Worth, USA
INPUT 2000 - Halifax, Canada
INPUT 2001 - Cape Town, South Africa
INPUT 2002 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
INPUT 2003 - Aarhus, Denmark
INPUT 2004 - Barcelona, Spain
INPUT 2005 - San Francisco CA, USA
INPUT 2006 - Taipei, Taiwan
INPUT 2007 - Lugano, Switzerland
INPUT 2008 - Johannesburg, South Africa
INPUT 2009 - Warsaw, Poland
INPUT 2010 - Budapest, Hungary
INPUT 2011 - Seoul, South Korea
INPUT 2012 - Sydney, Australia
INPUT 2013 - San Salvador, El Salvador
INPUT 2014 - Helsinki, Finland
INPUT 2015 - Tokyo, Japan
INPUT 2016 - Calgary, Canada

During these thirty or more years, delegates from many public television organizations as well as independent film and television professionals from all corners of the world have attended INPUT.

Countries represented in past years include the following:

Argentina Armenia Australia
Austria Belgium Benin
Bosnia/Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria
Burkina Faso Cameroon
Canada Central African Republic Chile
China Colombia Czech Republic
Denmark Dominican Republic Eastonia
Finland France Georgia
Germany Ghana Greece
Hungary Iceland India
Indonesia Ireland Japan
Kazakhstan Kirghizia Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia
Mexico Moldavia Mongolia
Nepal Netherlands Northern Ireland
Norway Pakistan Palestine
Panama Poland Russian Federation
Senegal Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa South Korea Spain
SriLanka Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan Tanzania Togo
Trinidad/Tobago Ukraine United Kingdom
USA Venezuela Yugoslavia

INPUT's purpose is to seek and open international channels of communication so that public service television professionals throughout the world can understand each other's work and develop relationships to improve their art, craft, and purpose. INPUT is a unique opportunity for working professionals to look beyond national borders and local horizons to find new perspectives, techniques, and ideas. It is not a market, a festival, or an awards competition. It is, rather, an immersion in ideas of professional excellence directed towards the ideals of understanding the impact of television programs on the people of all places.

The INPUT conference, held once a year alternately in Europe and North America, is now an established institution within public service broadcasting. The INPUT conferences since 1984 have opened the door for many American delegates with varying backgrounds and experiences to new production techniques, new points of view, new ideas for programming, and new perceptions of how other nations view America.

INPUT has no full-time paid staff. It is organized and conducted entirely through the voluntary efforts of the INPUT Secretary, its International Board of Directors and its many friends and supporters.

Historically the costs of INPUT have been borne primarily by the public broadcasting organizations of Europe, Canada, and—to some extent—the United States through subsidizing the travel costs for their producers and programmers to attend the Conference, absorbing the costs of subtitling the programs in English (the official language of INPUT), granting time and expenses to their executives who organize the conferences, assisting in program collection and selection, and hosting the various conferences to date.

Since 1984, the South Carolina Educational Television Commission (ETV) has served as the U.S. INPUT Secretariat.

For more information about Input, contact the U.S. Input National Coordinators:

Betsy Newman
Voice: (803) 737-3466
E-mail: bnewman@scetv.org

Xavier Blake
Voice: (803) 528-1791
E-mail: xblake@scetv.org