Getting Published

Elizabeth Evelyn Wright

While I do a hodge-podge of tasks for ETV Columbia, I have one major responsibility at ETV. I have to create a short documentary about Elizabeth Evelyn Wright, a prominent African-American educator around 1900. I love being able to create something on my own - albeit with a bit of guidance from the folks of ETV. Being given as much autonomy as I have right now is extremely rare for an internship. With most internships, you mostly do supportive functions for full-time employees. This makes this opportunity to create something of my own even sweeter. As I mentioned, I'm not doing the documentary entirely on my own. I’m centering the piece around one interview that has already been shot, but there will be another interview for which I will get to write questions. On top of this, I will edit the documentary, which gives me even more freedom in terms of narrative control. It really allows me to frame this story the way I want to. You'd be surprised how much you can change the content of an interview through some simple editing tricks. The great benefit of getting this much autonomy to complete a creative project is that I will get to use this project in my portfolio. Prospective employers will see that I created a project that is published by a recognized television station. This is what it is all about. Creators/filmmakers like me want their work to be published because it proves the legitimacy of their work. This is what future employers really care about, and this internship is giving me a solid head start.