StoryCorps Mobile Stop: Columbia, SC

South Carolina ETV and Public Radio
1041 George Rogers Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29201

StoryCorps is partnering with South Carolina Public Radio to record, preserve, and share the stories of South Carolina!

March 21st- April 19th, 2024

StoryCorps is thrilled to announce that we are coming to Columbia, South Carolina! Mobile Tour participants will have the option to record with us in-person in our mobile airstream or remotely in our “virtual recording booth.” Both options will be guided by one of our trained staff members.

Information on recording in Columbia

In-person recordings:

  • In-person recordings will take place in our airstream at South Carolina Public Radio
  • Both participants must be physically present for the recording.
  • Mobility assistance is available to enter the airstream. This will be covered during your confirmation call after you book an appointment.

Information on recording virtually:

  • Recordings can take place anywhere, as long as one participant lives in the region and both have access to an internet connected device.
  • Participants can be in the same location while recording or in different locations.
  • A tech check, which will test the ability of your device to connect to the virtual recording booth, will be required prior to your recording appointment.

Before making your reservation, check in with your conversation partner to figure out which option works best for the two of you. Please have their contact information ready when you book. 


More appointments will be available at 10am on March 22nd. Due to high demand and a limited number of appointments, we ask you to please limit bookings to one reservation per person/household. If all spots are booked, please add yourself to our waitlist.

*PLEASE NOTE THAT STORYCORPS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL RECORDING APPOINTMENTS DUE TO STAFF ILLNESS. We do our best to accommodate all recording appointments but occasionally need to cancel due to staff capacity. We will always notify you of cancellations and work to reschedule your appointment.*

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