Middleton Place Distinguished Speaker Series

Middleton Place
4300 Ashley River Rd
Charleston 29414

Middleton Place Distinguished Speakers Series Book Talk and Signing Reception Sunday, July 24, 2022 4:00pm Middleton Place National Landmark  American Landmark: Charles Duell and the Rebirth of Middleton Place Virginia Beach This is a free, in-person event, advance registration is required and seating is limited.  American Landmark: Charles Duell and the Rebirth of Middleton Place traces over 300 years of American history in this one place as well as its stewardship over the past fifty years by the last family-member owner.   In Virginia Beach’s fast-paced narrative, readers learn about the men and women both free and enslaved who built and cared for Middleton Place.   It is a story of beauty and pain, survival and perseverance as it courageously explores the hard truths of our shared American story beginning with Carolina’s first settlers to the present day.  Virginia Christian Beach, brilliantly chronicles the evolution of the man, the place and the vital mission of the Foundation.

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