The Malpass Brothers

Newberry Opera House

This is music steeped in the legacy of the Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, and others. Count on classic, real Country. Count on new Malpass tunes. Count on a couple of old-time traditional gospels. Count on giggles and ribbing between brothers. Count on some big, high, man-hair, and maybe an Elvis twitch or two. As young boys, Christopher and Taylor Malpass soaked up the music of their granddad’s phonograph records. Today, they promote the work and music of classic country artists they treasure while creating new music and making their own mark in the lineage of a rich American cultural heritage. The brothers have shared billing with artists including Willie Nelson, Doyle Lawson, Rhonda Vincent, and more. If you like cornbread and hush puppies, you’re going to love the Malpass Brothers. If you like sweet tea, barbecue & collards, you’re going to love the Malpass Brothers. If you like clean fresh air over a freshly plowed field, if you like a great big ol’ corn puddin’ at a homecoming-covered dish, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers! 


Tier 1 Standard price: $55.00

Tier 2 Standard price: $50.00

Tier 3 Standard price: $45.00

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