Home Front in World War I South Carolina

Native American Studies Center

This presentation by Dr. Fritz Hamer of the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum will look at how South Carolina joined in to support our troops in the Great War. One of the crucial parts of building support for the war was the SC Council of Defense that the federal government encouraged all states to establish. Like most state councils in the nation, the SC Council soon also became involved in identifying those citizens who did not support the war. This led to the infringement of many people’s 1st Amendment rights, often on vague accusations and slim evidence. In Lancaster, Chalmers Wessinger, a respected educator, became the focus of the Council’s investigations. The main part of the presentation will focus on this investigation and its outcome. To attend the lecture in person, please call (803) 313-7172 or email to reserve your spot. To attend via Zoom, register via this link: 

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