History's Daughter: A Personal Talk about Nuremberg & Her Father

Temple Sinai Jewish History Center
11 Church Street
Sumter 29150

Mary Ellen Donovan Fuller is the daughter of an associate prosecutor at The Nuremberg Trials. She lives in South Carolina. Do come and hear her speak about the man, James B. Donovan, and the trial’s personal impact that affected his life. He was a lawyer who learned about justice and accountability from his experiences during WWII and the decision to have a trial begin at the end of it. Mary Ellen will speak of her father’s focus at the initial trial but also how it shaped his career path to the end of his life. One of Jim Donovan’s exploits in the late fifties became a film by Steven Spielberg called “Bridge of Spies”. Tom Hanks portrayed her father and it showed his awareness of a mandate and all the agendas he had to navigate around him. Nuremberg is not simply history. It represents and addresses the horrors that men and women can do when driven together by years of one man’s personal agenda. It is important to make it relevant today for our future generations to decipher and discuss what justice and goodness can achieve for mankind. Mary Ellen has given 75 talks and was also invited by the CIA to come and speak at Langley headquarters. She is on the board of The SC Humanities and also the DMG group in Chicago focused on Nuremberg. They are currently creating a working site for educators to offer bite size teaching tools for students. ( She is considered a “descendant” of Nuremberg. This event is free and open to the public. It will be on December 9 at 6 pm at Temple Sinai in Sumter, SC. It is also home to Temple Sinai Jewish History Center located at 11 Church St., Sumter SC 29150. Please stay after the talk to meet Mary Ellen and view the permanent exhibit as well as the traveling exhibit "Nuremberg Trials" on loan from the Florida State Holocaust Museum.

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