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Saturday Feb 16

Saturday Roll | Civil War Sites

Saturday, February 16, 2019 2:00 pm

1616 Blanding Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Explore Columbia's Civil War Sites with Historic Columbia on Saturday, Feb.
16 during our Weekend Strolls and Rolls program presented by Seed

Columbia's antebellum and Reconstruction era structures—including churches,
hospitals, armories, governmental buildings and private homes—offer
testimony to this tumultuous chapter in our nation's history. Learn about
Columbia during the early years of the war and about the fateful night of
February 17, 1865 when 30 percent of the city's structures were lost to fire.
Step-off at the State House and count the iron stars marking where Union
cannonballs hit the building.

The tour will meet at the Robert Mills Carriage House located at 1616
Blanding Street. Space is limited.

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