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Sunday Jun 16

Mann-Simons Site Women's History Tour

Sunday, June 16, 2019 1:00 PM

1403 Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Every third Sunday of the month, residents of Richland and Lexington counties
are invited to tour of one of Historic Columbia’s house museums for just $1
on Dollar Sunday. This month, visit the exhibits at the Mann-Simons Site!

The Mann-Simons Site was home to a prosperous African-American family for
over 125 years. During this time their households were largely led by strong
matriarchs including Celia Mann, her daughter Agnes Jackson and later Bernice
Connors. For this $1 Sunday, we will explore the women who led the family
through periods of adversity and prosperity in times when their rights as
citizens were limited by both their race and gender. Tour the house at your
own pace where guides can answer questions and explore the grounds to learn
more about their lives and their legacy.

Tickets can be purchased at the site or at the Gift Shop at Robert Mills.
Walk-ins welcome!

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