Conversations with a Curator: Parrots with Curator of Natural History Matthew Gibson

The Charleston Museum

Join Curator of Natural History Matthew Gibson for a close up look at parrots from the Museum’s ornithology collection. Learn about the interesting biology of these beautiful animals and what their colors, body shape, and beaks can tell us about how they live. Gibson will also talk about the parrot pet trade in early Charleston and its impact on wild populations. Of particular importance will be the story of the Carolina parakeet, the once only native parrot to North America, and its subsequent extinction. 

Conversations with a Curator allows visitors a chance to have an in-depth look at an object or exhibit in the Museum galleries, ask questions and spark conversations. The Charleston Museum’s collections are both extraordinary and diverse and each Curator-led tour allows participants to immerse themselves in a different aspect of Charleston’s rich history. 

This program is FREE for Members and FREE with admission to The Charleston Museum.  For more information, please call 843 – 722 – 2996 ext. 235 or visit [1]. [1]

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