ETV Style Guide

TV encourages the use of the following style guidelines when referring to the organization in news stories.

The official names of the organizations are ETV and ETV Radio or, together, ETV and Radio. When necessary to use South Carolina as an adjective (not part of the organization's name, however), use South Carolina ETV and Radio.

Correct abbreviations are ETV and ETV Radio (no periods).

Whenever appropriate to the publication, incorporate both television and radio into the organization name: ETV and Radio (or when used for out of state purposes, South Carolina ETV and Radio.)

The Commission is referred to as the ETV Commission.

The name of the Endowment is the ETV Endowment of South Carolina (not the SCETV Endowment). Upon first reference to the ETV Endowment in print, the first mention should be written ETV Endowment of South Carolina. Use the Endowment on subsequent reference.