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Question and Answer with Rock Hill Mayor

February 23, 2018 - Posted in SCETV Regionals by Kaitlyn Cannon

The City of Rock Hill welcomes John Gettys as the newly elected Mayor. Before becoming Mayor, Gettys was on the Rock Hill City Council from 2002 until 2010. Following his time with the City Council, he served on the Sports Commission until this past December.

Gettys says that two terms on Rock Hill City Council piqued his desire to run for Mayor. “I enjoyed serving on council, I enjoyed having the responsibility to think about what our community could look like in the future, what it looks like now, and a plan for what we could accomplish as a community over time.”

When looking towards the future, Gettys says, “I do think that Rock Hill is a good town. I think that’s the name it’s called itself for generations, but I think we’re really at a point where we can go from a good town to a great city and I’m excited about that.”

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