Creative Sewing Machine Center 

"When Russ and I began our business almost 13 years ago, we were just intending to open a little store where I could get embroidery thread. We were in uncharted territory. We began sponsoring the sewing and quilting shows on Saturday morning before we could afford it. Now we cannot afford not to. The results have been astonishing. Our business grew to the point that we had to expand our facilities almost immediately. As the customer base continued to grow we often heard them thank us for the sponsorship of ETV programming. Even after all of these years, we still have customers come in for the first time and tell us that they learned about us through ETV. Our business has grown far beyond what we could have imagined or planned, even to the point that we consistently rank in the top five in sales in the entire nation with BabyLock, one of the three brands of machines that we carry. We recognize that our success is only possible because we have the greatest customers, many of whom discovered our store through ETV. "

- Peggy Ledford, Owner, Creative Sewing Machine Center

Half-Moon Outfitters

"On a personal level, listening to ETV Radio has kept me engaged on many miles of I-26 and I-20! From a business perspective, I find SCETV/SC Public Radio to be an incredible way to leverage our marketing efforts to a more meaningful end. People thank us all the time for supporting ETV, and we are proud to be able to support what ETV offers: the arts, education, and enlightened debate on topics that matter to our customers and our employees. The Writer’s Almanac alone is worth the fare! Thank you, ETV."

- Beezer Molten, Owner, Half-Moon Outfitters

Accent Sewing

“Accent Sewing Inc. would like to thank ETV for giving viewers access to such wonderful sewing programs. These programs prove that sewing is great therapy, and a really fun and creative hobby! Being a sponsor for ETV allows us to target the sewing audience in our area and beyond, and is a great way to introduce people to Accent Sewing Inc.”

- Bob & Sheryl Smith, Accent Sewing Inc.