Karen Hermann

Education Multimedia Producer

Karen loves telling stories and meeting new people, and gets to do both as producer of ETV’s education program Carolina Classrooms. She travels the state with ETV’s award-winning videographers, visiting schools and talking with educators, parents, and students.

Karen’s first job in TV was at WHAM in Rochester, NY, operating studio cameras, editing, creating graphics, and directing number-one rated live local newscasts and specials. She escaped the ice and snow and moved to South Carolina in 2007. She has created still and motion graphics for ETV productions such as Festival, The Governor’s Carolighting, and The African American History Calendar. She also works with an instructional designer to create videos and graphics for online training courses for local state agencies and first responders.

Production credits include:


  • Kindergarten class during story time.

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  • Young woman in science class

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    Are you a third grade teacher?

    Carolina Classrooms is SCETV’s online and on TV education program that highlights K-12 and higher education stories from around the state. We celebrate South Carolina educators and students who work hard and study hard every day.