Dr. Sharla Brown

Curriculum Specialist for KnowItAll.org

Dr. Sharla Brown started her journey in education as a secondary education social studies teacher. She had the opportunity to teach in a single-gender magnet allowing her to see innovative solutions to educational challenges in person. Brown was inspired to pursue her Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education while teaching. Afterward, she spent several years teaching in higher education and working with preservice social studies teachers. Brown decided to merge her passion for media and education and in 2017 joined the SCETV Education Department. In her tenure, she has provided digital educational resources for educators across South Carolina through KnowItAll.org, SCETV Teacher Recertification courses and has assisted with educational stories via the premiere program, Carolina Classrooms.


Dr. Sharla Brown


  • High school girl using laptop

    Promote communication and tech skills for all ages!

    When I was in grade school, the internet was not even a thing, yet. Now, anywhere you go everybody is connected either via their phone, watch, or pad-like device. No online time is wasted as we scour the internet highway to voyeur through social media, sales, and whatever...
  • Teacher searching online

    A growing educational hub of opportunities

    How do you feel about a one-stop shop? To some, it may seem overwhelming, but I love a store (online or brick and mortar) where I can find all I need. When there are dinners to plan, papers to grade, lessons to create, and practices to get the kiddos to – convenience and...
  • KnowItAll logo (with the word 'lessons')

    Ideas and inspiration for teaching

    New to teaching? Or maybe this is your umpteenth year in the classroom? Either way, a unit plan is in your near future. If you are new to teaching maybe you need a few great ideas to get started. If you are a veteran of the classroom, perhaps you need a little inspiration to...
  • Carolina Snaps logo

    Snap back (to school) with KnowItAll

    Welcome back, Teachers! We have been working hard all summer preparing new educational resources for your classroom. One new resource on KnowItAll.org is Carolina Snaps! This engaging video series provides a nice balance of education with insight into the rich culture that...
  • Image of the words "Habla Espanol?" written on a blackboard

    Habla Español KnowItAll: Check out Spanish Translations for grades K- 12

    Our world is diverse. A 2019 report by SC Commission for Minority Affairs found that “South Carolina is home to 258,000 Hispanics and is ranked number one among all states in Hispanic growth.” SCETV recognizes the changing needs of our society. We are happy to announce that...
  • Youth Media Challenge graphic

    Youth Media Challenge

    Are you a dance teacher who has tasked your students with interpreting their quarantine experiences virtually? Or perhaps you are a STEM teacher who has challenged your students to create an amazing design? If so, show off your teaching excellence and have your students...