Bre Wilson

Early Learning and Literacy Coordinator

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Welcome to my page!

My love for teaching and training came very early in life.  Thanks to the many shows I watched on SCETV growing up, I developed a vigorous love for learning and education. That love for teaching and learning translated into me graduating from the University of South Carolina and then continuing to Columbia College for a master’s degree in Education.

Prior to joining the SCETV family, I taught at both the University of South Carolina and Remington College, and worked at Midlands Technical College. While I enjoy working in all sectors of education, I find great joy in creating curriculum for young learners. I am a fan of games and hands-on activities. I believe that they engage both young and adult learners and have positive outcomes. My trainings and lessons plans will reflect this!

In my role as the Early Learning and Literacy Coordinator at SCETV, I am responsible for ensuring that early learning educators in South Carolina are aware of all the great resources ETV and PBS offer for classroom use. Due to my love of curriculum creation, in my training sessions teachers are introduced to lesson plans that are fun, engaging, informative, and standard-aligned.

Out of everything that I do, my absolute favorite position is being the mother of my two daughters! Additionally, I enjoy tutoring K-12 students and creating content for my company.