Anthony Padgett

President and CEO of SCETV
(803) 737-3240
Anthony Padgett, President and CEO of SCETV

Anthony Padgett joined South Carolina ETV in October of 2017.  He previously served as Georgia Public Broadcasting's Chief Operating Officer.  His responsibilities there included the management and oversight of the organization's day-to-day operational needs, including technology services, content creation and distribution, digital and education innovations and business services.  Padgett formerly served as the Sr. Vice President of Content and Operations at WJCT in Jacksonville, Florida, where he lead multiple departments, such as Technology/Operations, Studio/Facilities, Radio/News/Digital and Programming/Production.  Padgett began his career in the United States Air Force as a broadcasting engineer, and has also worked in public broadcasting as Chief Engineer at WBCC in Florida.  He is married with four children and active in Rotary.


By Anthony Padgett

October 30, 2019

Anthony Padgett, SCETV President and Coby Hennecy, ETV Endowment Executive Director
SCETV and the ETV Endowment of South Carolina represent an extraordinary 41-year public-private partnership that has enabled SCETV and SC Public Radio to produce and present programs for state-wide, national and international broadcast. Since inception, the ETV Endowment has provided more than $233...

By Anthony Padgett

September 30, 2019

Retro Report
Dear Viewers and Listeners, This month, SC Public Radio holds its “No Pledge Drive” Pledge Drive. From Oct. 1 through Oct. 22, we will be asking for your support without interrupting regular programming. This successful fundraising method allows us to continue bringing your favorite news, music,...

By Anthony Padgett

September 2, 2019

Ken Burns Country Music
Dear Viewers and Listeners: SCETV and SC Public Radio have a lot going on this month. First up, Ken Burns’ much anticipated eight-part series Country Music explores the evolution of this uniquely American art form. SCETV joins the fun with its own Carolina Country celebration on September 10, held...

By Anthony Padgett

July 31, 2019

Prince Rave
Dear Viewers and Listeners: This month, our August pledge specials include a variety of music programs, from the incomparable showmanship of Prince, to the Doobie Brothers, Daryl Hall and John Oates, the O’Jays, Joe Bonamassa and ABBA. Also this month, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of a...

By Anthony Padgett

July 1, 2019

NASA astronauts
Dear Viewers and Listeners: In July, PBS celebrates the Summer of Space, observing the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. A variety of specials air throughout the month, anchored by the American Experience six-hour miniseries, Chasing the Moon , which tells the story of the space race...

By Anthony Padgett

June 1, 2019

Carolina Stories special, Beyond Barbados: The South Carolina Connecti
Dear Viewers and Listeners: This spring, South Carolina ETV and SC Public Radio launched a new storytelling-focused weather service. Located online at , the new platform serves as a unique information hub, detailing the local impact of weather events. Updates can also be found on...

By Anthony Padgett

April 30, 2019

Spoleto Chamber
Dear Viewers and Listeners: As spring arrives, so does the much-anticipated Spoleto Festival USA, celebrating its 42nd year in Charleston, S.C. From May 24-June 9, the festival offers a vast array of performances including opera, theater, dance, music and visual arts. SC Public Radio’s Bradley...

By Anthony Padgett

March 29, 2019

Valerie June
Dear Viewers and Listeners: This month SCETV is proud to offer the fourth national season of Reel South . Hosted by Valerie June, this anthology series showcases documentaries rooted in the tradition of Southern storytelling, highlighting diverse Southern voices, topics, and points of view. Another...

By Anthony Padgett

February 28, 2019

Nat King Cole
Dear Viewers and Listeners: March is filled with a spectacular array of programs, starting with a variety of specials that are part of our Marchfest pledge period, March 2-17. Highlights include the music of Nat King Cole, Josh Groban, Perry Como, Andrea Bocelli, Woody Guthrie, Styxx, and many...

By Anthony Padgett

February 1, 2019

Black Ballerina
Dear Viewers and Listeners: In February, SC Public Radio holds the “No Pledge Drive” Pledge Drive, designed specifically to NOT interrupt your favorite programs. The membership campaign begins February 1, and we are asking our listeners to help us “make it happen” by supporting the programs you...