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Pollinator Gardens in Greenwood, SC

Clemson Extension Agent and host of "Making It Grow" Amanda McNulty travels to Greenwood, SC and takes a tour with City of Greenwood Horticulturist Ann Barklow where they have various pollinator...

Cooking with Vegetables

Clemson’s Health and Nutrition Agent Angela Forbes visited Sumter with ideas of adding more fresh produce and color to our meals.

How to make "Botanical Eggs"

Allison Jones from the South Carolina Botanical Garden shares with us at "Making It Grow" how to use onion skins and purple cabbage along with materials from your yard to decorate eggs! Botanical Eggs...

Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks

As the water temperature gets warmer during the spring months, crabs begin molting their old exoskeleton and remain “soft” until their shells begin to harden over the coming days. Soft-shell crab is...

About the Station

ETV Sumter started in 1975. Located in downtown Sumter, the station is home to Making It Grow, a weekly, live gardening program. The award-winning Making It Grow is a live call-in program produced by ETV and Clemson University. Host Amanda McNulty from Clemson Extension along with Clemson Extension Resource Agent Terasa Lott and featured Clemson Extension Agents and guests including Dr. John Nelson from the USC Herbarium focus on gardening topics, while highlighting interesting places and products from around the state.

History of ETV Sumter

ETV first came to Sumter in 1975, in a long lasting partnership with The City of Sumter. The office space was the old water department and we still have guests trying to find the water department here, but we kindly direct them to present location behind the Sumter Opera House. ETV Sumter is the home for Making It Grow which is our weekly live gardening show celebrating its 25th year. Making It Grow is a coproduction with ETV and Clemson Universities Extension Service. 

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Volunteer/Intern Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? ETV Sumter, located in Sumter, has volunteer opportunities available year-round! Please email if you are interested in volunteering or interning. 

Fall & Spring: Gain valuable production experience as a volunteer/intern for ETV Sumter. Acting as a Production Assistant you will go on video shoots with ETV Sumter and the Making It Grow Team for video segments that will be available digitally as well as broadcast on television. You will learn how to setup and use field production equipment. You may also be asked to assist with other aspects of production as needed. Hours: As needed. Your duties will depend on that week’s production schedule and on your personal availability. This is a flexible opportunity, allowing you to get real-world production experience on your own time!  

Summer: The highly competitive ETV Endowment Internship program for college students has been in existence since 1980. At least seven internships, all funded by the ETV Endowment of South Carolina, are available with SCETV and South Carolina Public Radio each summer. As an ETV Endowment intern at ETV Sumter, you will be acting as a Production Assistant. You will go on video shoots with ETV Sumter and The Making It Grow Team for video segments that will be available digitally as well as broadcast on television. You will learn how to setup and use field production equipment. You will also be asked to assist with other aspects of production as needed. Added perks: You will produce your own project that has the chance to be broadcast on television. 

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ETV Sumter is located at 18 North Harvin Street, Sumter, SC 29150. Please call 803-773-5546 if you have any questions. Our station is Downtown near the Sumter Opera House.

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Meet our Station Manager

Craig NessCraig Ness is the Operations Manager for ETV Sumter. He has spent close to three decades working in public broadcasting working his way from the floor crew, through field production, and into several levels of producing and directing. He brings a blend of both technical and creative attributes that are vital to succeed as Operations Manager. In this role, he works closely with the "Making it Grow" team. As SCETV's longest-running local program, Craig works with this talented team to help their award-winning content growing and improving. 

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