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Juneteenth: The Second Independence Day

Juneteenth, the mash-up of the two words June and Nineteenth, is sometimes called the second independence day. June 19th marks the day in 1865 when African American slaves in Galveston, Texas finally...
 Tsagan Kutinow, Aperna Mahendranath, and Kenneth Sloane give a youthful perspective on what it means to be Asian-Americans.

Americans of Asian Descent: A Young, Upstate Snapshot

Tsagan Kutinow noticed it in the supermarket last spring. Shoppers would see her, then make tracks to get out of the aisle before she got close to them. Were they just being cautious around other...
People participate in a memorial service and prayer vigil for the Lesslie family at Fountain Park, Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Rock Hill, S.C. Dr. Robert Lesslie and his wife, Barbara Lesslie, their grandchildren Adah Lesslie and Noah Lesslie, and two men working at the Lesslie home, Robert Shook and James Lewis, were fatally shot last week by former NFL player Phillip Adams. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

Vigil Honoring South Carolina Shooting Victims Draws Hundreds

ROCK HILL, S.C. (AP) — Hundreds gathered Sunday at the vigil for the prominent South Carolina physician, his wife and two of their grandchildren — all dead at the hands of former NFL player Phillip...
Fountain Park photo

A Stroll Through Fountain Park

Fountain Park is located in downtown Rock Hill with The park opened in December 2014. The park was created by Comporium and the City of Rock Hill. At Fountain Park, there is green space and a small...

About the Station

ETV Carolinas is South Carolina ETV’s regional facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina. ETV Carolinas is responsible for producing local content with the intent to educate. We work with the community to tell the stories that matter. At our facility, we have a fully-functioning TV studio and radio studio. York Technical College students regularly have access to these studios as a part of their coursework. 

For two weeks each March, ETV Carolinas hosts the Rock Hill Elementary Science Bowl. The Science Bowl is a competition where students from elementary schools throughout Rock Hill compete in a quiz show to become crowned the Science Bowl champion. Locally, we also broadcast York County Council Meetings, Rock Hill School Board Meetings, and Applied Technology High school’s student-produced talk show called School Talk. 

Station History

ETV Carolinas first came to Rock Hill in the 1970’s. York Tech has always been a great partner of ETV, granting us studio space on campus. Our studio was originally on a different part of York Tech’s campus, with a staff consisting of 21 employees. In 2003, ETV Carolinas moved to its current location, in building ST, with significant help from York Tech. 

The purpose of ETV regional facilities has always been to serve the local communities. Our intent is to produce programs that fill a local need but will eventually air statewide. We have accomplished this with programs like Mary Long’s Yesteryear, Club Que Pasa, and The Zone. The Zone was significant in ETV Carolina’s history, winning the network’s first Emmy since 1969.

Today, ETV Carolinas remains full-functioning, creating content that is often aired on Palmetto Scene, SCETV’s Video Magazine that explores the people, places, and things of South Carolina. They also produced the SCETV Digital Series, Made Here, which explores small businesses in South Carolina. 

Student Reporting Labs

ETV Carolinas also serves as a PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab mentor. Student Reporting Labs is building the next generation of public media by implementing a digital journalism curriculum in high schools across the country. Local PBS station mentors help the students with creative and technical aspects of production so that the students’ work can effectively be told to the world. 

Get involved with ETV Carolinas

Volunteer/Intern Opportunities 

Interested in volunteering? ETV Carolinas, located in Rock Hill, has volunteer opportunities available year-round!  Email if you are interested in volunteering or interning.

Fall & Spring: Gain valuable production experience as a volunteer/intern for ETV Carolinas. Acting as a Production Assistant, you will go on video shoots with the ETV Carolinas Director/Producer for video segments that will be available digitally, as well as broadcast on television. You will learn how to setup and use field production equipment. Your duties will depend on that week’s production schedule and on your personal availability. This is a flexible opportunity, allowing you to get real-world production experience on your own time! 

Summer: The highly competitive ETV Endowment Internship program for college students has been in existence since 1980. At least seven internships, all funded by the ETV Endowment of South Carolina, are available with ETV and South Carolina Public Radio each summer. As an intern, you will be acting as a Production Assistant. You will go on video shoots with ETV Carolinas Director/Producer for video segments that will be available digitally as well as broadcast on television. You will learn how to setup and use field production equipment. You will also be asked to assist with other aspects of production as needed. Added perk: You will produce your own project that has the chance to be broadcast on television. 


Rent Our Studios

  • Our Radio Control Room/Studio was built in partnership with York Technical College. This space has the capability of streaming live radio as well as recording audio. Radio Studio for Space only: $30.00 per hour. 4 hour minimum.
  • The Studio Control Room controls ETV Carolina’s studio productions.  Our studio is equipped with three studio cameras, a teleprompter, and a lighting board. Studio for Space only: $50.00 per hour. 4 hour minimum. 
  • Studios with Equipment: Please call 803-324-3184 
  • Conference Room: $20.00 per hour, 2 hour minimum. 
  • State Agencies and non-profit organizations: 20% discount  for one day rental  

Schedule a Visit

ETV Carolinas is located on York Technical College’s campus at 452 South Anderson Road in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We are located in Building ST. Please call 803-324-3184 if you have any questions. ETV’s lot is located to the right of our building. If parking is unavailable, additional spots are available behind our building in York Tech’s lot. If you are planning to use York Tech’s lot, please notify us so we can get you the appropriate parking pass and information. 

Don Godish
ETV Carolinas (WNSC)
York Technical College, ST Building
452 South Anderson Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 324-3184 or (803) 737-3303