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Educational Services

Career Day Visits

There are several pathways that lead to careers at SCETV. Career profiles in our agency include educator/trainers, instructional designers, accountants, human resource directors, sound engineers, camera operators, underwriters, on-air personalities, and civil engineers. Also, our employees have a diverse range of educational backgrounds and represent a number of counties in South Carolina. If you are coordinating Career Day for your school and would like to see SCETV represented, please complete the form at the link below. We would love to come out to your school.

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Education Production Services

SCETV has the capacity to produce a wide range of multimedia, televised, and streamed productions and online training content for private and public institutions, associations and other state agencies in South Carolina. SCETV can create media that can solve any variety of communication or education needs.

SCETV’s remote production facilities are perfect for enhancing the multimedia experience at your event. We also have recording and live streaming capabilities. View some of our live streaming productions below:

Some of SCETV’s recent productions include teleconferences, instructional videos, educational classroom content, historical profiles, public service announcements, multimedia production and playback at formal galas, conference general sessions, online training for law enforcement and much more. Educational Production Services can customize video content to accommodate any communication need.  If you’re looking for a practical or unique way to get your message across, we have the solution. Teleconferencing or streaming video affords clients far-reaching access to information without the costs of housing and transporting large groups of people to a conference site. Instructional videos are custom made to meet the exact needs of the client. Historical dramas and documentaries are useful classroom tools.  Public service announcements get your message out concisely and quickly.  And taped teacher instruction can be utilized on-demand by educators throughout the state. 

Ken DeBerry
Director for Education Productions
803-737-3273 or 1-800-277-3245 (toll free)

Education Technology

The Educational Technology department serves as the Technical Point of Contact for support of IP Media Distribution systems in each school district in South Carolina. We provide support for standard coaxial distribution systems in K-12 schools – where they might still be in operation and we assist with the migration from those older technologies to the newer IP media distribution technologies.


Training Development Services

SCETV can help with your training development needs.  From interactive online instruction and assessment, to application software simulations, or HD video demonstrations, we can help you develop eLearning assets to meet your training objectives. 

Make eLearning engaging with interactive learning modules, quizzes, or fun drag-and-drop games that can run on any device.  We work with your content to develop training to meet your goals. If you need to deliver an online course for credit or certification; or demonstrate how to use a software application; or produce a “how-to” or product video, ETV Education staff can assist you. 

Our training development services and formats are highly customizable. We work with your subject matter experts to build responsive interactive-learning that users may access on any digital device platform.  In addition to customizing your online instruction, our Education staff can customize user access and reporting to your specifications. SCETV also offers video servers, ecommerce, and Learning Management Service hosting services if needed.

To see a few examples of our online training collaborations with public safety and state agency partners, go to Public Service Training.

If you would like more information, please contact:

VJ Allred
Director, Education Program Services
803-737-3245 or 1-800-277-3245 (toll free)

Workshops and Trainings

South Carolina ETV (SCETV) offers free educator training for schools. View the Educational Workshops and Trainings that we offer.

Questions about professional development programming may be forwarded to Salandra Bowman.