Face-to-Face Workshops

SCETV Idea Lab
SCETV Idea Lab


Free SCETV face-to-face workshops are available at your location.

  • We customize workshops to fit your needs.
    • We can provide Professional Development during planning periods, half days, after school, or inservice days
    • Content and grade level specific PD
    • We work with PCs, MACs, ChromeBooks and other mobile devices
    • We can combine any of these sessions to create a full day of Professional Development. (up to 6 hours)

Workshops available at your location:

View our training calendar and contact Debbie Jarrett or Brian Day for more information or to schedule a workshop.

SCETV Resources for the Classroom
Did you know that SCETV offers a wealth of resources for educators: Knowitall.org, SC’s PBSLearningMedia.org, PBS Kids, and our new site, LearningWhy.org? SCETV also offers a large selection of recertification opportunities. Come learn about the variety of resources that SCETV provides for all SC Educators.

Tools, Tools and More Tools (Webtools, That Is)
I'll share my top 10 favorite webtools. Maybe more if we have time! Some old, some new and some with a twist on how to integrate them into your lessons. (Different webtools highlighted depending on grade level and/or subject.)

Beyond Kahoot! - Assessment Tools on the Web
There are many types of assessment tools available on the web. Most teachers have “played” or used Kahoot! but there are lots of other tools out there: Quizizz, Plickers, Quizlet Live, Google Forms, and more. Come explore these resources with us.

Creating Instructional Videos
There are thousands of pre-made instructional videos out there but nothing is more effective than videos created by the teacher. Don’t think you have time for that? Discover some easy ways to create instructional videos with no editing involved using your phone, iPad, Google apps and webtools.

Make Life Easier with Google Extensions
Google extensions can make living in the "Google World" easier for teachers. I'll share some of my favorites and give you access to a list of others to explore.

iPads in the Classroom
Whether each student has their own iPad or there is just one available in the classroom, there are lots of free apps the teacher and the students can use to create multimedia projects. Teachers will have hands-on experience with many free iPad apps such as Tellagami, Sock Puppets, Shadow Puppets EDU, Photo Speak and many more.

Blended Learning
As classrooms move to a 1:1 environment, it changes the way instruction is delivered. Let ETV show you free tools available for teachers to use whether they are 1:1 already or are moving in that direction. We will explore tools for assessment, flipping the classroom, and communicating with students and parents. (This session incorporates a little of each of the other sessions listed.)

The Power of QR Codes
You have seen QR Codes everywhere; why not use them in your classroom? We will share how to create them, scan them and the many uses of QR Codes in schools.

Google Forms
Learn the basics of Google Forms and explore ways to use them in your classroom.

Creating Interactive Lessons with Google Forms
Did you know that Google Forms can do more that just collect data? Using the section feature in forms, teachers can create lessons that allow students to explore, create and document mastery of skills.

Early Learning and Special Workshops

To schedule one of the early learning or special workshops below, contact Kimberly Singletary at ksingletary@scetv.org.

Coding with PBS KIDS and ScratchJR. (5 and up)
Learn how to creatively code using PBS KIDS & ScratchJR. This HANDS-ON, INTERACTIVE workshop will show you how to conduct coding activities with your students. Children can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations by snapping together colorful programming blocks to make their favorite characters move, jump, dance, and sing. This workshop is designed to promote creativity, engagement and success. Join us as we Engage, Empower and Demonstrate how to Creatively Code with PBS KIDS!

Part 1~ ETV’s Online Content and Resources for Professional Development (All Ages)
The Training will emphasize strategies for implementing engaging HANDS-ON early literacy, math, science, social studies, and social emotional activities that integrate technology. South Carolina ETV and PBS provide a wealth of content aligned with South Carolina academic standards as well as National technology standards. We will discuss a range of activities that can be used in a variety of age levels and instructional settings. Each training will provide valuable resources you can use with your students immediately. Each training is designed to promote engagement, creativity and success. This workshop is designed for the 21st Century learner!

Part 2~ Web Tools
Web tools make a teacher’s life easier! This training will provide the participants with a variety of web tools that can be integrated into a lesson. These tools are available to enhance and support the teacher, students and content. Just to name a few: Symbaloo (easy access to web pages); Remind (online text reminders and notices to parents); Screencastify (create quick computer tutorials); SeeSaw (interactive presentation software) and more.

Part 3 ~Augmented Reality
Making images come alive! Let’s explore coloring pages for storytelling, alphabet animals, books, and more! Augmented Reality will have your students engaged and learning with these FUN activities. South Carolina ETV provides professional development technology training specific to your center needs. Just provide us with the specifics (early literacy, literacy, math, science, STEAM and social studies learning activities) of your student’s needs and we will collaborate to develop a training for your NEEDS! It is just that Easy!

The Art of the Mini Lesson and ETV Content (Early Learners)
Learn how to create and implement short lessons to meet the needs of your early learner. The “Art of the Mini Lesson” will provide the participants with techniques and strategies to make the most impact in a short amount of time. The Art of the Mini Lesson integrates the ETV and PBS Kids resources into 10 to 15 minute lessons in a variety of content areas.

Wi-Fi, Online Resources and Engaging Activities

ETV and Sprint are providing free wireless internet to all qualified early childhood and afterschool programs in SC that fall in a Sprint.com “best” or “very good” coverage area. We will cover the Acceptable Use Agreement and also MANY resources for teaching! EXCITING and Hands-On!

“To Infinity and Beyond”: Math & Technology
This workshop will emphasize strategies for implementing engaging HANDS-ON math activities that integrate technology. SCETV and PBS provide a wealth of content aligned with South Carolina academic standards as well as National technology standards. We’ll discuss a range of activities that can be used in a variety of grade levels and instructional settings. This workshop is designed for the 21st Century learner!

The Magic of Literacy & Technology!
This workshop will emphasize techniques to spark the “MAGIC” of literacy with engaging activities that integrate technology. Aligned with academic standards SCETV and PBS provide content that will empower and engage the 21st Century learner. We will explore a wide range of activities that can be used in a variety of instructional settings and grade levels. Come and be a part of the “MAGIC OF LITERACY & TECHNOLOGY”

Parental Engagement! Where do you Stand?
How do we keep parents involved in the academic success of their children? This workshop will allow attendees to discover strategies and ideas to keep parents involved and engaged. We will discuss the barriers that your center may face and how to overcome those barriers with intentional activities and procedures. This workshop is designed for those who want to STAND with parents to help our students excel.