Making It Grow

Places We Visited in 1999

Barbados Connection Located at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC, the Barbados Garden traces the SC Lowcountry gardening back to its Barbadian roots. Bananas and other tropical plants were brought over to the Carolinas in the early 1600's, along with the horticultural practices that are still in use today.
Park Seed John Elsley and Sue Guglin at Park Seed Company talk about the tons of flowers available for planting during the 1999 fall season. Park Seed in Greenwood, SC, always has a wide variety of plants available for every growing season.
10/13/99 SC State Fair Back again at the South Carolina State Fair, we look at some of the sights and sounds of the year's event. We even have a little fun with the MIG State Fair Pentathalon including: Corn Shuckin', Seed Spittin', Hog Callin', Pie Eatin', and Apple Bobbin' .
Hobcaw Barony The Belle Baruch Foundation at Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown County is a preserved habitat for the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker. This beautiful bird is the only species on the East Coast to nest in live pine trees. Forest Manager George Chastain points out several trees that house this endangered species. Also, at the Baruch Marine Field Lab, Dr. David Bushek educates us on how human, industrial, and population growth effects coastal habitats.
Fafard - Soilless Mixes Quality growing mixtures are the basis for healthy plants, and Dr. Hugh Poole at Fafard in Anderson County explains the process of creating "Soilless Mixes" for the home horticulturist. Dr. Poole takes us through the plant and shows us examples of the different types of mixes, designed to help grow anything from cactus to tobacco.
8/4/99 Charleston By Design (Ironworks) For hundreds of years, gardeners have used iron gates and fencing in their home landscaping. Whether it’s functional or ornamental, Charleston By Design have the perfect ironworks answer for any homeowner. Robert Harleston and his company have endeavored to provide the finest handcrafted products available for their customers. We visit several private homes and a retirement community where their products are in use.
Kudzu Kabin Contemporary Cherokee artist Nancy Basket can be found in her Kudzu Kabin, located in Walhalla, SC. The restored 100 year-old barn has been put back together with bales of stuccoed kudzu. Nancy makes her own paper out of kudzu, with which she creates beautiful art. She also teaches kudzu basketry.
Lewis Holmes' Peaches Peaches are one of the most popular and abundant crops in the Carolinas. Lewis Holmes of Johnston, SC, grows 27 varieties of peaches on his large scale operation; there he also packages and ships this delicious fruit to many areas in the Southeast. Lewis’s long-time family business has been passed down through generations. He takes us through the packaging shed and shows us what it takes to bring his peaches to market.
DesChamps Private Garden Author of Toiling in Soil, Elizabeth DesChamps' garden in Bishopville, SC, is a direct result of Hurricane Hugo. Her backyard was totally devastated by the storm in September, 1989, and 10 years later we find out how she reconstructed her garden into one of the most beautiful private gardens in the South. Our walking tour of the property only touches the beauty that resides there.
Walt Disney World This special edition of MIG is the first "taped" show featuring "Team MIG"'s road trip to Orlando, FL, where we visited Disney's EPCOT and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Also profiled on this show was a return visit from author Jim Wilson, topiary artist Pearl Fryar, and banana grower Jack Gary.
Daylilies At White Oak Farm in Edisto, SC, daylilies are a passion of SCETV employee Bud Skidmore. On his beautiful farm on Edisto Island, there are a hundred named varieties of daylilies. Bud and his wife Ann have been growing these beautiful flowers for years and now offer their expertise to viewers.
Poconite Organic Fertilizer The city of Sumter, SC, utilizes a new source of fertilizer from treated sewage. Poconite is being used as a safe, organic fertilizer for commercial and home applications. Al Harris, Director of Public Services, explains the process of making Poconite and gives locations where it can be purchased.
Iris/Swans One of the most remarkable Gardens in the Carolinas is the Swan Lake Iris Gardens in Sumter, SC. With its colorful Japanese Irises and beautiful swans, it has proven to be a tranquil and serene setting for visitors from around the world. Mark Towery at the gardens explains what it takes to keep the Japanese Iris in bloom year after year and he also gives us a peek at all 8 species of swans found around the lake.
6/9/99 Organic Greenhouse Dean Jackson in Ridgeway, SC, is striving to produce vegetables and ornamental plants in her organic greenhouse without the use of harsh pesticides and fertilizers. "Flowerpatch Greenhouses" employs the use of hot pepper sprays to keep away insects and seaweed extract for use as fertilizers. Dean’s wholesale operation supplies many retail businesses with organically grown plants, including Camden Organics in Camden, SC.
5/19/99 Davis Private Garden Nancy Davis of Camden has a wonderful private garden, layered and terraced to mimic a flowing stream bed leading to a pond on her property. This unique garden and landscape is located adjacent to the Springdale race course. It’s a lovely backdrop for the private functions she hosts during the race season.
5/19/99 Camden Organics Eileen Rushing of Camden Organics in Camden, SC, distributes all types of organically produced products for the home gardener. From insecticidal soaps and hot pepper sprays for insect control, to environmentally friendly natural beneficials to enhance the soil, Eileen has the answers. She even has beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs and Praying Manti to help control the harmful insect population around your yard.
5/5/99 EPCOT - International Flower and Garden Festival The International Flower and Garden Festival held in EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, is one of the premier festivals in the world. Sam Lemheney takes us on a breathtaking tour of the festival through the World Showcase, where we visit the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and the host pavilion, The American Adventure.
Peanuts At the Edisto Research and Development Center in Blackville, SC, "Making It Grow!" had a chance to take a look at some of the new and upcoming varieties of peanuts that will be available during the 1999 growing season. Find out what’s hot for roasting and boiling when we show you how the professionals serve up this summertime staple.
4/21/99 Poultry Night Each year, the fall season brings a little "fowl" weather to the Sumter, SC, Exhibition Center. Poultry Night brings together the community and poultry producers as they serve up some of the best-tasting birds in the Carolinas. From chicken fingers and turkey kabobs to squab and poussin (young chicken), you’ll find it right here at this annual event sponsored by the Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce.
4/21/99 Mulberry Market Community Bake Shop Located in Camden, SC, Mulberry Market and Bake Shop has a daily yield of some of the best-tasting homemade French bread this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Peter Rowland makes his french bread at least twice daily to ensure freshness. He also makes cheese bread, rolls, and other bakery products that are favorites of the patrons that visit this quaint downtown shop.
4/7/99 Gardener’s Garden A stunning private garden is owned by Pat and Henry McCauley near Paris, SC. Their mountain home and its surrounding landscape could be the envy of any gardener in the Carolinas. With a beautiful English Garden near the front and a lovely perennial garden near the front drive, Pat has elected to complete the landscape with the addition of a cottage garden. The cottage and garden are located near a campfire area that Henry created and aptly named "The Gathering Place."
Golden Kernel Pecan Co., Inc. We take a look at Golden Kernel Pecan Company in Cameron, SC, where David Summers and his brother, Bill, have taken their family’s plantation and turned it into an international business as grower and distributer of pecans. The Summers brothers' pecans have been shipped throughout the United States and as far away as Germany. The sweet nuts come in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate to honey-roasted.
Pam's Petals One of the most beautiful horticultural art we have profiled on "Making it Grow!" can be found at Pam's Petals in Charleston. Pam Randle has perfected the old art of pressing flowers and has discovered how to quickly have her masterworks screen-printed for mass duplication. Her art has also been transformed into the textile industry to produce everything from T-shirts to beautiful throws and woven wall hangings. Pam explains the process of her delicate artwork.
Cloverleaf, Inc. In the true spirit of St. Patrick's Day, "Making It Grow!" visits Cloverleaf landscape design. Specializing in historical and waterfront properties, Roger Good, owner of Cloverleaf, has proven himself as one of the most sought-after landscape designers in the Charleston area. Roger shows off several of the properties his company cares for, including a historical Downtown Charleston home, an entire waterfront community on Kiawah Island, and exclusive homes on the Ashley River. Roger reveals his method for choosing some of the plants found on the properties in his charge.
3/3/99 '99 Southern Spring Show We once again broadcast "Live" from the Southern Spring Show in Charlotte, NC. On hand for interviews this year were Carolina artist Bob Timberlake and "HGTV" host Pat Simpson.
2/10/99 Song Bird Garden The Oconee Nuclear Power Station in Oconee county, SC, is committed to education through the use of its songbird garden. Parent company Duke Power created the garden as an example of how the nuclear power industry and nature can co-exist in harmony. Environmental Landscape Designer Rick Haffman and Edward Falco from the "World of Energy" take us on an educational tour of the garden.
Stono Farm Market John’s Island, SC, is well known for it’s Shrimp Trawlers and fresh vegetables. At the Stono Farm Market, Babs Ambrose tells us what it takes to bring fresh shrimp and vegetables to market throughout the season. Babs also lets us in on some of the culinary secrets used in creating some of the wonderful dishes prepared daily in the market’s Tomato Shed Cafe'
1/6/99 Burbages Grocery Store In downtown Charleston, SC, we show how the old neighborhood grocery store is alive and well. For over fifty years, Alvin Burbage and his family have been serving the residents of Historic Charleston from Burbage's Grocery on Broad Street. As technology grows throughout the downtown area, Burbage's retains its hometown atmosphere.

Clemson and Carolina Field Turf


Our first two segments feature athletic field turf management from Clemson University and the University of South Carolina. Les Jones at Clemson tells us what it takes to keep the field at Death Valley in pristine condition throughout the year, and Bucky Trotter at USC explains how the field at Williams Brice Stadium is maintained for a variety of uses.

Places We Visited in 1998

12/9/98 Dulcimer Dan Dulcimer Dan was also on hand to playing some holiday music for the program... Dulcimer Dan and the Blue Skies Band are the performers for the regular MIG theme song.
12/9/98 Christmas at the Wren House As the holidays draw near, the Wren House at the SC Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC, is decorated for the occasion. We’ll take a look at the house and grounds as Tom Brocaglio from Seasons Restaurant at the Madren Center shares one of his favorite recipes.
12/9/98 SC Restaurants "Carolina's" in Charleston, SC and "Cinnamon Hill" in Lexington, SC Our annual 90 minute Christmas show once again features restaurants from across South Carolina sharing recipes with the MIG audience....This year features "Carolina’s" in Charleston where Mama Rose Durden fixes up some Low Country pork loin with Okra Gumbo. She also concocts a special dish using grits, apples, sweet potatoes and onions. We also visit "Cinnamon Hill" Restaurant in Lexington where Shelia Veech cooks up some fine Carolina Crab Cakes.
Pumpkins and Christmas Trees With another holiday season upon us, we find out about Thanksgiving pumpkins at B&T Pumpkins in Mountville, SC. Zeke Benjamin and his staff teach area school children about his pumpkin patch while his partner Dale Taylor of Christmas Pines Tree Farm shows us the best trees to select for this year's Christmas season.
Medieval Garden Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greenwood, SC, displays its deeply rooted history and faith with a Christian Medieval Garden. The church’s heritage has been traced back to a 16th century German monk with plants in the garden that are reminiscent of the period.
10/14/98 SC State Fair Back again at the South Carolina State Fair, we look at some of the sights and sounds of this years event. We even have a little fun with personalities from WNOK 104.7 and AM 560 WVOC in a pig-calling contest.
10/3/98 Jerry Baker Marathon 'Making It Grow!' hits the road again and takes its set to Columbia, SC, to follow up the Jerry Baker Marathon. For this special show, we bring in 'Nature Scene's Rudy Mancke to help supplement our funding efforts.
9/16/98 Palmetto Turf Farm Craven Jones of Palmetto Turf Farm in Florence, SC, explains how neglect or even over fertilization can prevent your lawn from looking its best.
Rockland Plantation Products Some of the best new canned products on the market can be found at Rockland Plantation Products in Hanahan, SC. Steve Dowdney and his son Tom have created a market for everything from pickled shrimp to "Peach Leather" and pickled "Dilly" string beans.
Brookgreen Gardens Brookgreen Gardens on Pawley’s Island, SC, blends its special collection of sculpture with a carefully planned horticultural design. Bobby Mottern takes the crew on a special tour of some of the gardens, including several fountain areas and some beautiful antebellum Oak trees.
8/5/98 Broughton U-Pick J.P. Broughton in Sumter, SC, has one of the largest raspberry operations in the Southeast with plants that have been propagated for sale to the public. Broughton U-Pick also invites its patrons to pick their own produce right off of the vine.
Canned Veggies McCall Farms in beautiful downtown Effingham, SC, has been canning local fruits vegetable for several years. Squash, applesauce, tomatoes and even peanuts are canned at this large commercial operation.
Indigo Marsh Garden Center Located in the middle of the Pee Dee State Farmer’s Market in Florence, SC, is the Indigo Marsh Garden Center, where home gardeners can find the latest in home horticulture.
Native Plant Garden (SC Botanical Garden) The Native Plant Garden at the SC Botanical Garden on the Clemson University Campus has plants ranging from Lady Slippers to Indigo. Rick Huffman fills us in on the mission of the garden as we take a look at of some of the plants on display.
Strawberry Hill USA James Cooley and his family have placed an abundance of American flags among their strawberry fields in Chesnee, SC, that would light the fire of any American’s spirit.
McGill Rose Garden From the remains of an old coal field in Charlotte, NC, comes the McGill Rose Garden. Mr. Henry McGill and his first wife started the garden almost 50 years ago and its spreading beauty continues today.
Janie Singletary’s Backyard Garden Janie Singletary in downtown Greenville has collected a number of unusual plants which she has displayed in her beautiful backyard garden. She has positioned her plants to create a wonderful haven for her family. She also has a coffee tree which came directly from the garden of Thomas Jefferson.
6/24/98 Chutney Rose Durden (Mamma Rose) is the Executive Chef at "Carolina’s," located in the historic section of downtown Charleston, SC. An immigrant from Vietnam, Mamma has acquired quite a knack for blending her own culinary heritage with Southern home cooking to produce a variety of chutneys and relishes.
Kings Sunset Nursery A wholesale nursery in Liberty, SC, King’s Sunset Nursery specializes in the sale of trees of all types. From Birch to Magnolias, King’s supplies your local home and garden center with trees of all sizes.
Homeplace Garden Center Susan and Harold McClintock have turned their family’s old homestead in Ora, SC, into a beautiful and welcoming place to purchase everything from perennials and herbs to antiques. Homeplace Garden Center invites visitors to enjoy the gardens and gift shop and relax on the front porch with a glass of homemade lemonade.
5/27/98 Bottled Water On Round Mountain Orchard near Walhalla, SC, the Moore brothers have tapped into some of the purest spring drinking water in the southeast. Steven Moore explains the new techniques in bottling for the ever-growing international market for bottled water.
Cooper’s Country Store Cooper’s Country Store in Salters, SC, still sells pitcher pumps and home-cured country hams. George Cooper and his family also have a barbeque pit out back that’s almost always preparing turkey, chicken, and delicious Carolina pork products.
Pearl Fryar Internationally renowned artist Pearl Fryar shows us his spectacular topiary garden in Bishopville, SC. Pearl has taken simple backyard trees and shrubbery and turned them into a living spectacle of awe-inspiring artwork.
05-06-98 Head-Lee Nursery Bill Head talks about his exciting work in finding and reproducing rare and hard-to-propagate plants. This plant propagation work at Head-Lee Nursery makes new plant varieties available to growing enthusiasts throughout South Carolina.
04-22-98 South Carolina Commission for the Blind, Greenhouses The South Carolina Commission for the Blind is helping people who are visually impaired learn a new vocation while using the plants in their greenhouse to help with relaxation methods. Dr. Dennis Abdalla shows off some of the unique plants his clients have cultivated for sale to the general public.
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
Nestled on the banks of the Ashley River in Charleston, SC, is one the oldest gardens in the United States. Magnolia plantation shares the beauty and charm of its garden as proprietor Drayton Hastie takes us on a breathtaking tour where wildlife and nature educate through stories of history and conservation.
04-07-98 Lettuce Dan Kennerty on Wadmalaw Island, SC, grows some of the finest varieties of lettuce. From the traditional Red Romain to varieties from China and Japan, find out how the Carolina lowcountry provides the perfect growing conditions for this salad staple.
The Walter P. Rawl & Sons, Inc. farm One of the Carolinas' leading growers of fresh vegetables is in Gilbert, SC. Products are harvested and delivered to customers from Florida to Canada. Howard Rawl gives us a tour of the farm, and Mrs. Ernestine Rawl (the 92 year-old matriarch of the family) invites us all to join her family in a traditional, home-cooked meal.
Old-Time Horse Farm Days This festival, held each year in Blackville, SC, brings us back to a time when horsepower was essential to the American Farmer. Displays of homemade soap, butter, and handcrafted pottery are combined with exhibits of 19th century gas-powered farm equipment and homemade ice cream to delight visitors of all ages.
03-25-98 Plants for Wildlife Located in Richland County, SC, Yancy McLeod has taken his Cook’s Mountain from an undeveloped forest to a place where a refuge for wildlife is combined with education. Yancy’s horticultural endeavors provide homes for many species of wildlife including hummingbirds and area waterfowl.
Antique Roses Ruth Knopf, gardener for Boon Hall Plantation near Mt Pleasant, SC, has been caring for the garden’s antique roses for several years. These roses are handed down from generation to generation and originate from as far away as France and China.
03-11-98 Camden Gardens Camden, SC, is the oldest inland town in South Carolina. Sallie Iselin of Historic Charleston Gardens, Inc., gives us a history lesson of the area and takes us through two of the most beautiful private gardens in South Carolina’s Kershaw County.
02-25-98 Southern Spring Show This special edition of Making It Grow! originated in Charlotte, North Carolina. Among the many exhibits we visited was the orchid display with Doctor Harry Gallis. We also visited with the North Carolina Nurserymen's Association exhibit featuring plant varieties from the J. C. Raulston Arboretum.
01-07-98 Wildflower Meadow The SC Botanical Garden at Clemson University has set aside a new area known as the Wildflower Meadow. Dr. Lisa Wagner explains the importance of studying and preserving wildflower habitats.

Places We Visited in 1997

Turkeys With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Bubba and Linda Lever of Winnsboro, SC, invite us to tour their Turkey farm. We learn how Prestage Farms carefully raises these birds for the Holiday feast. Then in Camden, world famous Carolina caterer Jack Brantley gives us some tips on how you can spice up your Thanksgiving bird.
11-05-97 Apples/Apple Cider Fritz Gusmer spreads his knowledge of apples at Windy Hill Orchard & Cider Mill near York, SC. With a fox skin cap and apples in his sack, this modern-day "Johnny Appleseed" educates Carolina school children on the importance of this popular fruit. He explains the difference between Apple Juice and Cider and shows the kids how it was made by the early Carolina pioneers.
09-17-97 Broom Making We travel to Boykin, SC, and visit with Susan Simpson, who has revived the lost art of broom making.
09-17-97 Annual Okra Strut The Making It Grow! crew travels to Irmo, SC, to visit Irmo natives who offer tips to "okra lovers" on how to grow and cook this southern favorite.
09-17-97 Eucalyptus Trees Julian Smith of Johns Island near Charleston, SC, talks about his 75 varieties of eucalyptus trees.
Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Gardens The Making It Grow! crew returns to the Botanical Gardens at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC, to see how it has developed since its 1995 debut.
08-20-97 Pigeons Chip Creech of Sumter, SC, shares his hobby: raising and racing show & homing pigeons.
South Carolina Crab Company In McClellanville, SC, President Eddie Gordon describes the crab industry in the state and takes us to a restaurant in Shem Creek, SC, where various crab dishes are prepared.
08-06-97 Church Garden Monsignor Carter of Christ Our King Catholic Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC, takes us on a tour of this beautiful garden that has been rebuilt after being destroyed by Hurricane Hugo.
07-23-97 Birdhouses John Epperly in Boykin, SC, creates birdhouses using organic materials: driftwood, vines, and mosses.
Blueberries & Peaches Dr. Ed White of Riverside Farms in Effingham, SC, discusses his peach farm and pick-your-own blueberry operation.
Furman Rose Garden Horticulturist Greg Burriss shows viewers around the formal gardens at Furman University in Greenville, SC. He talks about the care needed to keep roses in colorful bloom.
07-09-97 Butterfly Barn Freddy Arthur of McClellanville, SC, talks about the beautiful and bright summertime colors of butterflies. Freddy collects and cares for over 25 varieties of butterflies and moths in her "Butterfly Barn."
Dwarf Conifers Bill Taylor of Spartanburg, SC, has a beautiful garden of dwarf conifers and Japanese maples. He shows us how to plant them in a limited area.
Yoder Greenhouses Charles Niemi at Yoder Greenhouses in Pendleton, SC, explains how his company is the number one name in Mums and Dwarf Roses.
Earth Sculptures Dr. David Bradshaw of Clemson University takes us on a tour of living sculpture created out of organic materials by international artists.
06-04-97 Poppies Toby "The Poppy Man" Richardson shows us his beautiful backyard poppy garden in Heath Springs, SC.
Cole Slaw Too Goo Doo Farms is one of the largest producers of pre-packaged vegetables in the Southeast. Jerry Smoak shows us his operation and his daughter Angela gives us her "Granny's Marinated Cole Slaw" recipe.
05-28-97 Herb Candles By adding fresh herbs and spices to candle wax, Catherine McCormick of Mt. Carmel Herb Farm makes Aroma Therapy Candles to combat physical and mental stress.
Equine Sports Therapy Ann Shirley owns one of the few facilities in the United States that can provide equine therapy. Horses that need continuous special care can come to Red Bank Farms in Boykin, SC.
Garden Club of Charleston Barbara Heddinger shows us some of the city's most prestigious private gardens.
Golf Course Maintenance At the Sea Pines Golf Course at Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island, SC, Superintendent Blake Carlyle shows us how he and his crew get the course ready for the 1997 MCI Heritage Golf Classic and how they keep the course in pristine condition year round.
04-16-97 Crawfish Hawthorne's Crawfish Farm located in Sumter, SC, sells its crawfish from New York City to the Louisiana bayous.Winnie Hawthorne and her son James show us how crawfish are harvested. Then they throw a "Crawfish Boil" and show us how these freshwater crustaceans are eaten.
Landscape Lighting David Gant of Springdale Nursery in Camden, SC, tells us about this new low voltage landscape trend.
04-02-97 SC Nursery Trade Show Find out what's new for this year's growing season.
Collards Lexington, SC, collard grower Mike Keesler tells us how to plant and harvest this traditional southern vegetable.
03-19-97 Oysters Capt. Bob Baldwin of McClellanville, SC, is a professional oyster farmer. He takes us from the creek bed to the market. Then, at TW Grahams, we sit down to an old fashioned oyster roast.
Gro-Bark Inc. This company in McCormick, SC, takes pine bark and turns it into mulch that is sold by local nurseries. General Manager Shawn Delaney takes us on a tour of his facility.
P.0 Box 305 Donads, SC 29638
03-05-97 Plant a Row for the Hungry Jim Wilson of PBS' 'Victory Garden' shows us a program that is outlined to help gardeners donate some of their yield to local food banks.
(864) 503-2960
Milliken is one of the most beautiful horticultural and landscape displays in the southeast. Horticulturist Stewart Winslow shows us highlights of this past season's fall foliage.

Freshwater Shrimp
(803) 823-2155

Johnny and Debbie Roland raise freshwater shrimp in Calhoun County, SC. Johnny shows us his operation while Debbie shares some of her favorite shrimp recipes.
Granny Apples (864) 877-1910 Granny Apples of Laurens, SC, is coming up with new ideas in apple growing.

Golden Creek Mill
(864) 859-1958

Located in Easley, SC, Golden Creek Mill has been the sight of an old time water wheel grist mill since the early 1800's. Leroy Stewart uses water power to grind corn into grits and corn meal.

Places We Visited in 1996

11-06-96 Nurseries Caroliniana We talk with Ted Stevens, co-owner of Nurseries Caroliniana. Located just outside of North Augusta, SC, the nursery specializes in rare and hard-to-find plants that grow well in the rigorous South Carolina climate. Also, Stevens talks about his side line business of raising and selling tropical birds.
11-06-96 Dewees Island Story We visit Dewees Island, a barrier island located near Charleston, SC, and talk with managing director John Knott. John talks about the development community and its efforts to keep the natural environment intact and undisturbed.
10-09-96 Ellison Building Exhibits We feature horticultural exhibits and landscaping ideas for the homeowner.
10-09-96 Global Food Web We feature a story about the Global Food Web, one of the SC State Fair's major educational initiatives this year. This is a collaborative effort among several state agencies and the Fair to highlight South Carolina's role in providing food for the world's economy.
09-11-96 Emerald Farms We travel to Greenwood, SC, to visit Emerald Farms. Katherine Zahn shows how the farm uses its goat milk and garden herbs to manufacture a variety of specialty soap products.
09-11-96 Dahlia Story Dr. Keeling, a dahlia grower in northern Spartanburg County, SC, has developed an award winning variety of dahlias named after his granddaughter, Jessica. He talks about how these flowers can make a colorful addition to the home garden.
08-07-96 S.C. Cotton Museum In Bishopville, SC, we tour the South Carolina Cotton Museum's exhibits which highlight cotton's contributions to the cultural and agricultural history of SC. Next, we travel to Greenwood Cotton Insulation Products in Joanna, SC, to learn how cotton is used as a natural fiber in home insulation.
08-07-96 Bee City We visit Bee City located near Cottageville in Colleton County, SC. On the banks of the Edisto River, Archie Biering has developed his avocation of bee keeping into a profitable business as well as an educational opportunity for local school children.
Palm Trees Limited In this story we learn about palm trees and their gaining popularity with gardeners who want a "Southern look." From John's Island, SC, we visit Palm Trees Limited, a nursery that specializes in palm trees and offers fourteen different varieties to the consumer.
07-24-96 Evelyn Dabbs We visit with naturalist Evelyn Dabbs at her home in Sumter County, SC, to find out about butterfly gardening. Ms. Dabbs catalogues the plants that attract these colorful insects, such as verbena, lantana, thistle, and kudweed. Ms. Dabbs also talks about her participation in a banding program for wild songbirds.
07-03-96 Clemson University Packaging Science Clemson University's Packaging Science Department trains students and assists industry in the packaging quality requirements of food and consumer goods.
07-03-96 Charleston Aquatic Nursery On John's Island, near Charleston, SC, we visit with this company that cultivates over 200 varieties of water plants including water lilies, lotus, and many other shallow water plants.
06-19-96 Rosebank Farms We visit Rosebanks Farms in Charleston County, SC, to look at their successful cut flower business. Featuring delphinium, roses, zinnias, and approximately 60 other varieties, Rosebanks Farms sells these cut flowers in the Charleston flower markets.
06-19-96 Reedy River Falls Historic Park We visit the Reedy River Falls Historic Park, which is located in downtown Greenville, SC. For the last 15 years, a partnership has existed between the Carolina Foothills Garden Club and the City of Greenville to preserve and beautify the park.
06-05-96 Roper Mountain Science Center We talk with Darrell Harrison about three of the Center's many educational areas: the 1830 pioneer farm, the arboretum, and the planetarium.
06-05-96 Bluebird Story We visit with Susan Aude Fisher who is a member of the North American Bluebird Society. She is actively engaged in helping this native bird species survive man's encroachment of its natural habitat. From her Columbia home, Susan talks about using your backyard garden to attract these beautiful birds.
05-29-96 Humorist Felder Rushing Felder humorously shows how to turn tin cans and discarded tires into decorative garden items.
05-29-96 Kalmia Gardens We talk with Dr. George Sawyer in Coker College's Kalmia Gardens in Hartsville, SC. Taped when azaleas, dogwoods, and camellias were in full bloom, the video is an impressive array of colors. The garden offers the visitors a study in contrast. From a flat area typical of a coastal plain, the property drops sixty feet into swamp forest area typical of Black River creeks.
05-08-96 Bar-B-Que Competition We look at the annual Bar-B-Que competition that takes place at Charleston's Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. The contest draws contestants from several nearby states.
05-08-96 Dr. Holloway We visit with Dr. Bill Holloway, a surgeon and avid gardener who lives in Greenwood, SC. Using a wheelchair because of an automobile accident several years ago, he has devised an accessible garden and greenhouse that serves as guide for others.
04-17-96 Brookgreen Gardens Gardening Symposium Larry Henry, president of the gardens, talks about the garden vendors' displays. Brookgreen horticulturist Bobby Mottern explains how they plan to make the gardens stand out in their own right and enhance the more than 500 pieces of American sculpture on display.
04-17-96 Anne Springs Close Greenway We visit the Anne Springs Close Greenway in York County, SC, to see what is being done to protect and preserve one such area for generations to come.
03-13-96 Camden Horses We tour a horse breeding business in Camden, SC.
03-13-96 Mt. Carmel Herb Farm In Walterboro, SC, we feature the many specialty herb plants available from Mt. Carmel Herb Farm.
03-13-96 Sweet Grass Basket maker and artist Mary Jackson explains the history and tradition of basket making. Also, Bob Dufault of Clemson's Coastal Research and Education Center explains how the beautiful grass is being cultivated in the low country's habitat.
02-07-96 First Annual Palmetto Farm Show New equipment and product ideas for the home gardener are the focus of this segment.
02-07-96 Middleton Place Gardens We tour the world-famous Middleton Place Gardens in Charleston, SC, to see the early show of camellias.
01-03-96 Cotton Gin/Gifts In Manning, SC, we visit a cotton gin operated by Kirby and Miriam Johnson and look at the many specialty items made by Miriam that she distributes to gift shops throughout the Southeast.
01-03-96 Roses unlimited At Roses Unlimited in Laurens County, SC, we talk with Pat Henry about growing her many varieties of roses.

Places We Visited in 1995

11-29-95 Dori Sanders Cooking Dori Sanders shows how to cook a sweet potato pound cake with a peach glaze.
Trudie Bartkus We visit Trudie Bartkus, a cornshuck doll maker
11-29-95 Stacey's Greenhouse This story is about growing Poinsettias
11-08-95 Kudzu Story In Union, SC, we visit with Nancy Basket who uses kudzu to make jelly, baskets, and art work.
11-08-95 Rice Story Traveling from the Rice Museum in Georgetown, SC, to Jasper County, SC, to visit with Dr. Dick Shultz, we learn about growing Carolina Gold rice.
10-11-95 Live From The S.C. State Fair We air live from the South Carolina State Fair.
09-27-95 Heartland Bread Company Co-owner Jack Norris talks about using only organically-grown wheat and other natural ingredients in this Charleston, SC, bakery's healthy, freshly-baked goods.
09-27-95 Jim Tumlin Home In Easley, SC, we visit the 15 acre garden of Jim Tumlin. A lot of hard work, knowledge of plants, and a sense of beauty have created this horticultural masterpiece.
09-13-95 Clemson Blue Cheese From the campus of Clemson University, we look at the production and marketing of this specialty cheese.
09-13-95 Montmorenci Vineyards On the program, we talk with Bobby and Stephanie Scott who live in the Aiken, SC, community of Montmorenci. They discuss their vineyard and production of 13 different varieties of wine.
08-23-95 Cypress Greenhouse, Inc. Proprietor Duke McLeod of Cypress Greenhouse builds beautiful, functional lawn furniture from SC cypress trees.
08-23-95 Woodlanders' Nursery Located in Aiken, SC, this nursery offers over one thousand rare and hard-to-find plants for the Southern gardener. Bob McCartney talks about how the nursery came to market this broad plant selection.
08-09-95 Clemson University Demonstration Garden At Clemson University, a research and demonstration garden that uses reduced chemicals but produces a bountiful crop is featured. Also, from Clemson University, we visit a "Heritage Garden" with vegetables that have been popular for generations.
08-09-95 Mepkin Abbey This story features a visit to Mepkin Abbey in Berkeley County. Here, a community of Trappist monks observe a strict religious lifestyle of prayer and work, with egg farming a primary agricultural enterprise.
07-26-95 Adluh Flour Plant In this story, we feature the Adluh Flour Plant in Columbia, SC. Owner Jack Edgerton shows us how Carolina-grown grains are processed to make their many fine products.
07-26-95 Coastal Research and Education Center & Hot Peppers This center has a continuous research program to determine plant varieties that grow best in the coastal region. With this knowledge, home horticulturists can make better plant selections. We also talk with Dr. Dick Ferry, the developer of the "Charleston Hot," one of the world's hottest peppers.
07-12-95 Sandhill Research and Education Center In this story, we visit the Sandhill Research and Education Center at Clemson University. We highlight three demonstrations now open to the public: home composting, cottage gardening, and backyard wildlife habitation.
07-12-95 Rosehaven Organic Farm This program features the Rosehaven Organic Farm, which is located in Chester County, SC. A 200 year-old hand-hewn log house, now a bed and breakfast inn, is the centerpiece for this 300 acre working farm that specializes in organic vegetables, beef, and eggs.
06-07-95 Morris Jones Dairy Farm In Saluda County, we visit the dairy farm of Morris Jones and tour Jackie and Nora Furtick's milk processing plant.
06-07-95 James Worm Hatchery This story features the James Worm Hatchery in Florence, SC. Mike James talks about growing worms for the commercial market, where they are used for composting and waste management.
05-24-95 Wavering Place Gardens Located on the grounds of an antebellum home, Wavering Place Gardens and Nursery in Richland County, SC, is the home of hundreds of native plants grown for their beauty and used in sustainable low maintenance landscapes.
05-24-95 Sheep Farm In Six Mile, SC, Gudrun von Recum raises sheep on her farm. After the sheep are sheared, Gudrun spins the wool into yarn and knits beautiful garments.
05-03-95 Walhalla Fish Hatchery Located in Oconee County, the Walhalla National Fish Hatchery raises rainbow and brown trout used in stocking SC streams.
05-03-95 Southern Plant & Flower From the Pee Dee State Farmer's Market, we highlight the Southern Plant & Flower Show. Over 50,000 visitors attended this 3 day event and had the opportunity to purchase a large and varied selection of garden items from over 65 vendors.
04-19-95 Pine Seedling Story From Jasper County, SC, forester Ray Moody talks about producing genetically improved pine seedlings. Currently, the SC Forestry Commission grows about 25 million forest seedlings a year. Ray tells about the process of raising seedlings and where all these young plants go.
04-19-95 Shiitake Mushroom Farms This story features Shiitake mushrooms, which are valued by gourmets for their delightful "woodsy" taste. The crew visits the Saluda Shiitake Farm located near Saluda, SC, and talks with co-owner Jennie Samples. Jennie discusses how their company started growing mushrooms and what is involved in raising a profitable crop.
04-05-95 Daffodil Farm This story features Bubba Crosby's daffodil farm, which sells the early spring flowers to northern U.S. distributors.
High Cotton Nurseries This story features the High Cotton Nurseries, a large operation located in St. Matthews, SC. This nursery grows plants for wholesale distribution to the coastal regions of South Carolina. Frank and Kit Wannamaker give a tour of their operation.
03-22-95 Southland Fisheries Jesse Chappell of Southland Fisheries, near Hopkins, SC, discusses the process of raising fish for stock farm ponds.
03-22-95 Woodley & Associates On location from the Summit, a residential Community near Columbia, SC, Rick Woodley, president and owner of Woodley and Associates Landscaping and Gardening Center, discusses the landscaping considerations for an individual home, as well as planning for larger projects such as the Summit.
03-04-95 Shady Grove Plantation Shady Grove Plantation in Orangeburg County, SC, is the largest tree farm in the Southeast. Shady Grove provides trees to distant locations such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Washington state.
03-04-95 Riverbanks Botanical Garden Preview This story profiles the exciting Riverbanks Garden Preview Botanical Garden which was slated to open in June, 1995. The garden is located on a 70 acre site on the Lexington County side of the Saluda river and across from the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. Garden Director Jim Martin gives a guided tour of the facility and points out what's under construction.
02-08-95 Atlantic Coastal Foods Owners of Atlantic Coastal Foods, Jack Hurley and Mike Zemke show us how they produce quality food items from the low country. Their "Bubba Brand" products are based on age-old Southern food staples with a Caribbean influence.
Edisto Shrimp Company Manager David Cannon talks about the Edisto Shrimp Company, which is located on Edisto Island, SC, and grows thousands of shrimp each year. His wife Patsy prepares two shrimp recipes: shrimp creole and pickled shrimp.
Sea Island Mercantile and Exchange Company In addition to selling its speciality products, this company processes and ships fresh shrimp across the U.S.
01-11-95 Kiwi Fruit Farm We visit with John Snow, a kiwi fruit farmer in Williamsburg County, SC. Then we travel to the McCurry Packaging Company in Vance, SC, to look at the packaging and processing of the kiwi fruit.


Places We Visited in 1994

Young Pecan
We talk with the world's largest producer of shelled pecans in Florence County, SC. More than a holiday treat, pecans are an important SC agricultural crop.
Harmon Tree Farm We visit with a Christmas tree farm and Christmas House located in Lexington, SC.
12-14-94 Kensington Mansion The program visits the Kensington mansion, located in Richland County, SC, to view the spectacular Christmas decorations and hear harp music.
11-09-94 Planters 3 On Wadmalaw Island in Charleston, SC, we visited Planters 3, a highly productive garden crop farm that also provides tours for thousands of area school children. By combining fun and learning, the students are taught about the history and importance of agriculture while going on hay rides and picking pumpkins.
11-09-94 Super-Sod Grass Our story features a visit to Super-Sod of Orangeburg, SC. General Manager Jim Roquemore shows how to grow an instant lawn without the time-consuming hassles of seeding and sprigging. Super-Sod sells over twenty truck loads of rolled grass daily to nurseries, landscapers, golf courses, and homeowners throughout the southeast.
10-12-94 Flowers This story features colorful flower exhibits at the fair.
10-12-94 Live From the S.C. State Fair This story is about the 125th anniversary of the SC State Fair.
09-07-94 Riddle Mill Organic Farm We spoke with Tara Orlando and Nita O'Brien as they discuss growing over 300 herb varieties commercially in northern York County, SC, and shipping products from Nova Scotia to Florida.
09-07-94 French Cattle/Pigeon Farmer From Yzernay, in the Anjou region of France, we talk with father/son farmers Marc and Jean-Marc Chauv. They discuss the raising of cattle and pigeons on their family farm.
08-10-94 Dori Sanders We interview the multi-talented Dori Sanders, who is both a small farmer/marketer and a well-known author. From her roadside market in Filbert, SC, Dori talks about the influence that farming and the land has had upon her writing.
French Apple Grower From the Anjou region of France, we talk with Guy Ligonniere about his apple production.
06-15-94 Park Seed Company From Greenwood, SC, we examine how this 126 year-old company has supplied the home gardener with new and unusual flowers and vegetables, as well as the popular standards.
06-15-94 French Truck Farmer This story is about highly productive truck farmer Gilbert Riscou from Longue, in the Anjou region of France. He discusses his production and marketing of strawberries, potatoes, and asparagus.
06-15-94 French Vineyard From the Anjou region of France, we interview winemaker Olivier Gelineau about his vineyards, which are located at Chateau de la Viadiere.
05-04-94 Manchester Farms From Dalzell, SC, company president Bill Odom talks about the processing and distribution of quail. Kershaw County quail farmer Mike Davis discusses raising top quality birds.
05-04-94 Carter & Holmes Orchid Farm Located in Newberry, SC, this is one of the largest orchid farms in the eastern U.S. Company president Mac Holmes tells viewers what is required to grow the beautiful plants.
04-06-94 Carolina Nurseries From Moncks Corner, SC, company president J. Guy talks about the thousands of plant varieties grown by his company.
04-06-94 Emu Farm From Hopkins, SC, Fred Quatlebaum talks about his venture of raising emu birds.
S.C. Botanical Gardening
Dr. David Bradshaw, professor of Horticulture "Zeriscaping," talks about this minimum maintenance landscaping in Clemson, SC, as well as turf plots and wild flowers.
03-02-94 Split Creek Farms Located in Anderson, SC, this farm is the South's largest producer of goat milk. They also produce cheese and fudge from goat's milk.
02-02-94 Cruse Vineyards Re-air of story not previously aired because of microwave problems.
02-02-94 Atlantic Little Neck Clam Farm Story highlights the work of the largest clam producer in the world, located on James Island, SC.
01-05-94 Roger Flower Farm Located in Summerton, SC, this farm produces Cole crops (leafy green vegetables such as kale, mustard greens, and collards).
Apple Cider This story features a visit with Jack Lombard of Mountain Rest, SC, who talks about apple cider production.

Places We Visited in 1993

11-09-93 American Classic Tea This story highlights America's only tea plantation, which is located on Wadmalaw Island, SC.
11-09-93 Small Farm Field Day The story highlights farm fair from Blackville, SC.
10-12-93 Garnay Our story highlights international business located in Sumter, SC, that grows Gingko leaves for pharmaceutical uses.
10-12-93 Cruse Vineyards This story highlights small winemakers near Chester, SC.