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Glenn Rawls

Edwin McCain, Live at the Charleston Music Hall

After an audio premiere on South Carolina Public Radio, LIVE AT THE CHARLESTON MUSIC HALL moves to South Carolina ETV for two Thursday nights beginning June 30th.

Hosted by Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish, LIVE AT THE CHARLESTON MUSIC HALL showcases two artists in two separate shows each Thursday. On June 30th, Edwin McCain (9:00 p.m.) and Sam Bush (9:30 p.m.) perform in two programs. On July 7, American Idol’s Elise Testone...

VIDEO | The SAVVY Musician in Action Teaches Business to Artists

From: Carolina Money

Andrea Esselman

Musicians singing at SAVVY

The arts and business tend to not intersect, especially in education. However, USC professor Dr. David Cutler is working hard to change that.

For the past few years Cutler has directed a six-day workshop called The SAVVY Musician in Action, which helps artists from across the globe create and develop business ventures that could be financially viable in the real world. At the end of the workshop, the teams pitch their business ideas to...

SC Farmers and Roadside Markets App Makes Healthy Eating Easier

From: Palmetto Scene

K. Rackley


For many families, finding healthy food easily can be a struggle, especially when there are fast food restaurants located conveniently on almost every corner. Today, DHEC made finding some of those healthy alternatives easier when it launched the new S.C. Farmers and Roadside Market App.

The web-based app is designed to help people locate farmers' markets and places that sell fresh, local produce. It contains a free, interactive map that shows the location, hours...

Columbia Nearly Fails in Small Business Friendliness According to Recent Survey

From: Carolina Money

Andrea Esselman

Columbia Skyline

Something is making small business owners and entrepreneurs unhappy with how things are run in the city of Columbia.

Just a year ago, Thumbtack —a website dedicated to helping people hire professionals for a variety of projects—conducted the Small Business Friendliness Survey and found that participants rated Columbia as a good place for business and entrepreneurship. The city got an overall grade of a B+ and ranked #19 out of 78 cities.


SC Improves in Children’s Health, Worsens in Other Areas

From: Palmetto Scene

K. Rackley

Kids with teacher

South Carolina has usually placed poorly in regard to children’s quality of life, often being counted among the ten lowest-ranked states for kids in the nation. While the state continues to be ranked low, a recent study, now published, shows that South Carolina is improving slightly for children.

The annual Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count list was released last Tuesday, listing South Carolina as 41st in the nation for children’s quality of life,...

South Carolina Ports Authority Harbor Deepening

From: Palmetto Scene

William Richardson

SC ports

Recently, the South Carolina Ports Authority exported its two millionth BMW, which was manufactured at the plant in Greer. Plans are underway to deepen the Port, which will expand the Port's competitiveness and capabilities, as it continues to be a force for growing the economy in our state.

New Exhibit at SC State Museum Explores Race

From: Palmetto Scene

K. Young

Photo of Race Exhibit Poster

Last June, the Charleston A.M.E. shootings sent a shockwave through South Carolina. The tragedy shed light on the fact that race is unfortunately still an issue in this state. In response, the South Carolina State Museum has recently opened a new exhibit that hopes to educate people about race, as well as encourage discussion about it. Race: Are We So Different? addresses race from a scientific, historical, and cultural standpoint. It was developed by the...

Early Education Programs Offer Head Start for Youngest SC Students

From: Palmetto Scene

K. Young

Youngest Student

Research shows that children greatly benefit from receiving education before kindergarten. During early childhood, the human brain develops the majority of its neurons and is most receptive to learning. For example, children often have an easier time picking up a second language than adults. This is because the neurons in their brains are actively creating new connections that allow them to retain information so well. This growth primarily happens within the first two years...

Settling In | Endowment Intern Kaisha

From: SCETV Summer Interns

K. Young

Keisha with other interns

This is the start of my third week at ETV, which is so hard to believe. It feels like I just got here! I’ve finally gotten into my groove, so my days run a lot smoother now. Last week, I went on a shoot that I organized and planned at the South Carolina State Museum. The footage we shot was about the new Race: Are We So Different? exhibit there. The video is a part...

Collaboration Drives South Carolina Health Providers

From: Telehealth

Taylor Crouch

Ed Spencer demonstrates the Telepsychiatry program's high definition technology for video conferencing.

“I get lots of calls from other states.”

Ed Spencer at the South Carolina Department of Mental Health says it is not uncommon for programs across the nation to seek advice on expanding their access to care, specifically in regards to telepsychiatry in rural areas.

“They look on the Internet, like we all do, and they find our program. They call and say, ‘you know South Carolina is a small state.’ They don’t...

Telehealth, Al Sharpton, and the Museum, Oh My! - Endowment Intern Sydney

From: SCETV Summer Interns

S. Hankinson

Sydney and Al Sharpton

Well, I’m officially halfway through my internship! I tried to do a blog post last week, but things got a bit busy. Instead, I’ll just cover weeks four and five in this post.

Last week was quite productive. I continued to work on making our Pinterest boards look nicer, but I also did a little research on the history of Telehealth . I actually hadn’t heard the term “Telehealth” before I started my internship...

Balancing Patience and Determination in Media | Endowment Intern Sarah

From: SCETV Summer Interns

Sarah Stone

Sarah with other interns

Over the past few weeks, I have been writing a great deal. Between blog posts for ETV’s website and county summaries for Knowitall Media , I have been writing more in a day as an intern than I do in a week as a student.

As a result, I have come to further enjoy the research, writing, and editing processes. I am now not only a better writer but also a faster writer. A...

Remembering Charleston, Mayor John Tecklenburg

From: Palmetto Scene

Aimee Crouch

Mother Emanuel street sign

Mayor John Tecklenburg addresses how Charleston came together after the Mother Emanuel tragedy, and what the city is doing to continue the healing.

Remembering Charleston – Special Palmetto Scene Tonight 8 p.m. on ETV

From: Education

Bette Jamison

Photo ofPastor Betty Clark of Mother Emanuel, Rev. Joe Darby, Bakari Sellers, and Malcolm Graham, brother of victim Cynthis Hurd

Taped in the sanctuary of the historic Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church, almost one year after our state and country were shocked by the nine tragic murders, Palmetto Scene talks with members of the church and community about healing and forgiveness one year later.

In this one-hour special Palmetto Scene: Remembering Charleston , ETV host Beryl Dakers talks with Mother Emanuel pastor, Rev. Betty Clark; Presiding Elder of the A.M.E. Church, Rev. Joe Darby; former...

Remembering Charleston, A Special Palmetto Scene

From: Palmetto Scene

Aimee Crouch


A special one-hour Palmetto Scene from the historic sanctuary of Mother Emanuel in Charleston. SCETV's Beryl Dakers talks with Mother Emanuel pastor, Rev. Betty Clark; Presiding Elder of the A.M.E. Church, Rev. Joe Darby; former S.C. legislator Bakari Sellers; and brother of victim Cynthia Hurd, Malcolm Graham. The conversation focuses on the reaction after 9 people were murdered during a Bible study and what is left to be done.

VIDEO | How Columbia has Changed over the Past Decade

From: Carolina Money

Andrea Esselman

Main Street in Columbia facing the State House

Columbia is one of only five American cities that is home to both the state capital and the state university. Toss in a pinch of Southern charm (and cuisine), plus the nation’s largest U.S. Army training facility in nearby Fort Jackson, and you have a lively stew of ideas, commerce, and innovation.

Columbia has always drawn its influences from the coastal Lowcountry and the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Upcountry to create South Carolina’s...

Mayor Joe Riley, Remembering Charleston

From: Palmetto Scene

Aimee Crouch

Mother Emanuel

One year ago, during Bible study at Mother Emanuel church, nine people were murdered, and countless others were affected.

We spoke with former Mayor Joe Riley about how the community, city, and state responded after the tragedy.

Governor Haley Reflects on Charleston

From: Palmetto Scene

Aimee Crouch

Mother Emanuel

Governor Nikki Haley talks with Palmetto Scene about the response of the state after the tragedy at Mother Emanuel in Charleston one year ago.

ETV Kids Summer Special – Odd Squad: Agents of Change

From: Education

Odd Squad team members

Odd Squad: Agents of Change

Agents Olive and Otto investigate an unusual occurrence in their town. This new one-hour special, which premieres June 20, concludes Season 1 and begins Season 2 by introducing new agents!

Air Dates/Times:

June 20, 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on ETV; 7:00 p.m. on SCC

June 22, 4:30 p.m. on ETV

June 24, 6:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on ETV; 7:00 p.m....

Understanding Orlando a Year After Emanuel

From: Palmetto Scene

Kaitlyn Park

Sign reading "Send some love to Orlando"

Almost a year ago to the day, South Carolina and the nation grieved what was possibly the greatest tragedy in the state’s history. In an act of senseless hatred, bigotry and racism, nine innocent lives were lost in a church in Charleston. Today, Florida and the nation grieve the deadliest attack in the nation’s history since 9/11- an act of hatred and bigotry. Early Sunday morning, forty-nine innocent lives were lost in an Orlando gay...

Hundreds of South Carolinians Gather at Reformation Lutheran for Candlelight Vigil

From: Palmetto Scene

Kaitlyn Park

Congregation sits at vigil, altar lit in rainbow colors

Monday evening at 6 p.m., hundreds gathered at the Reformation Lutheran Church in Columbia, S.C. for a candlelight vigil to honor the lives of the Orlando shooting victims.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 49 people at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, were killed. At least 53 others were wounded.

Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS. The attack is the deadliest mass shooting in America’s history, and the worst act of...

Telehealth Involves Much More Than Technology

From: Telehealth

Marina Ziehe

Dr. McElligott speaking doing a video conference consultation

While some may be discussing virtual worlds and avatars, or envisioning a stethoscope coming out of the screen of a cellphone, the answer of the pediatrician and medical director of the MUSC’s Center for Telehealth, James McElligott, M.D., regarding the future of telehealth is very simple: “It all circles back to the problem we are trying to solve.”

South Carolina is a state facing many difficulties in the area of health. Poverty, poor access...

A New Season of Expeditions with Patrick McMillan!

From: ETV

Amy Shumaker

Pika animal surveying its territory from a rock

Naturalist, biologist and educator Dr. Patrick McMillan embarks on exotic and fascinating adventures throughout North and South America in Expeditions With Patrick McMillan .

The television host and series co-creator travels from coast-to-coast exploring the diversity of plants, animals and wildlife across the United States. In the third season, Patrick examines The Clemson Experimental Forest in South Carolina and the Apalchicola National Forest in Florida, which is the largest U.S. National Forest in the...

Gov. Haley Vetoes ‘Pork’ in Capital Reserve Fund

From: Palmetto Scene

K. Rackley

Governor Nikki Haley

Last week, Governor Nikki Haley released her list of budget vetoes. While recognizing the positive budget items like funding for education, health services and law enforcement agencies, she took the legislature to task for allowing what she referred to as “pork, pet projects and earmarks.”

Among these earmarks vetoed were funds that would go to the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Patriot’s Point Development Authority, Clemson University’s Garrison Arena Education/Conference Center, and tourism...

Summer Heat Safety

From: Palmetto Scene

S. Hankinson


That hot summer weather is coming a bit early this year! Starting in June, temperatures in South Carolina will hit nearly 100 degrees. It’s a perfect opportunity to go swimming, eat popsicles or hang out somewhere with air conditioning. However, there are also a number of risks to be aware of when temperatures rise.

The National Weather Service states that heat cramps—painful muscle cramps and spasms, usually in legs and abdomen—may be the...