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SCETV's Dean Byrd Wins Education Award


Dean Byrd

Dean Byrd, Director of Education at SCETV, has been awarded the SC Association for Educational Technology’s “Making It Happen” award for his outstanding contribution to educational technology in South Carolina.

Byrd’s work at ETV brings educational content-on-demand to local home, public, and private schools with specialized internet services, such as StreamlineSC and PBS Learning Media. His department also specializes in face-to-face and online teacher training, web and video production, streaming, and tailoring services to...

Breaking the Silence of Bullying – NEW in ETV’s StreamlineSC

From: Education

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and ETV’s free online resources are a source for bully prevention video programs that can raise awareness about bullying and identify ways to stop bullying before it starts.

Breaking the Silence of Bullying is now part of StreamlineSC. Recommended for grades 9-12, this program is a video adaptation of the original dramatic play written by Dr. Beverly Boone. The play and video program, which is approximately 16...

More Help Needed as Flood Damage Still Huge Issue

From: Palmetto Scene

The Timberlane area, off of South Beltline, in Columbia was one of the hardest hit during the recent floods. This community, which resides next to Gills Creek, recently moved over 2 million pounds of flood debris from 3 streets in less than 3 weeks: Timberlane, Glenhaven & Tall Pines. Help is still needed to rebuild this community, as the residents deal with the physical and emotional trauma of this catastrophic event.

Donations of food,...

Young Readers Invited to Write to Favorite Authors

From: Education

Young readers in grades 4-12 are invited to write a personal letter to an author for the Letters about Literature (LAL) contest, a national reading and writing promotion program. The letter can be to any author (living or dead) from any genre (fiction or nonfiction, contemporary or classic) explaining how that author’s work changed the student’s life or view of the world.

The 23rd annual writing contest for young readers is made possible by...

Coastal Area Continues to be Hit By Flooding

From: Palmetto Scene

Even though the impact appears minimal, coastal flooding continues to be widespread throughout the low country.

King tides look to be the culprit. According to the State Newspaper , these high tides caused by astronomical factors are likely to “continue into Wednesday, National Weather Service Charleston meteorologist Steve Rowley said Tuesday.”

The astronomical factors he is speaking of is the full moon and the moon’s perigee occurring in close proximity to each other....

Q&A | ​Abigail Zeiler, Director of Communications at Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

From: Carolina Money

Marina Ziehe

Abigail Zeiler, Director of Communications at Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

Columbia Opportunity Resource, COR, connects talented professionals in the greater Columbia area to diverse and meaningful networks for leadership, service and fun. COR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. COR's vision is an innovative, energized and successful Columbia community that attracts, inspires, develops, and retains the best talent in the region.

Q: What is unique about COR? COR is as unique as the people who work to fulfill its mission. Our board, action teams...

Columbia-Based Technology Incubator Helping To Ignite Startup Companies

From: Palmetto Scene

Technology Idea

The USC / Columbia Technology Incubator recruits and then consults with high-impact startup companies in the Midlands of South Carolina. The Incubator is a nonprofit corporation sponsored by the University of South Carolina, City of Columbia and other area governments.

The incubator houses nearly 50 companies. Since its inception in 1998, it has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas.

Laura Corder, director of communications for the Incubator and the USC Office...

Carolina Classrooms Talks Education Equity

From: Palmetto Scene

Wednesday night at 7:00 on SCETV, Carolina Classrooms, together with the American Graduate project, will air a special town hall meeting from Francis Marion University. Discussions range from the Abbeville Equity in Education decision to the future of education in South Carolina. Since the S.C. Supreme Court ruling, lawmakers have been charged with responding to the inequalities in education in our state. What does this decision mean and how will the issues be addressed? We’ll...

College Preparedness a Major Concern for 11th-Graders

From: Palmetto Scene

L. Steele


According to recent test results released by the S.C. Department of Education, less than half of 11th-graders in S.C. are prepared to succeed in college. These results are based on the ACT, which is an aptitude test that’s used to predict how well a student will do in college. It showed that approximately 89 percent of juniors last year were not ready to succeed in college.

In a study released Friday by the S.C....

PBS LearningMedia Integrates “Scary” Themes into Math, ELA and Science!

From: Education

This week’s featured resources offer teachers an easy way to integrate Halloween themes into their math, language arts, and science lessons all week long!

Meet Mary Shelley’s Famously Frightful Novel!

“It’s aliiiiive!” That memorable line was in “Frankenstein” the movie, but it wasn’t in the book. And many think of Frankenstein as the stiff-armed, fabricated monster, but that was actually the doctor’s name. In this episode of “Crash Course,” John Green introduces...

First Adult Night School Program in SC Celebrates 100th Year

From: Education

The first adult night school in South Carolina was started by Dr. Wil Lou Gray in 1915! The schoolhouse is located in Youngs Township in Laurens County and a historical marker has been erected at the site.

The inscription on the historical marker reads: “Here at Young's School in 1915, Dr. Wil Lou Gray (1883-1984) initiated for her native county of Laurens a seven-school program of night education for adults which led to the...

Behind the Scenes: Equity in Education Town Hall Meeting

From: Education

SCETV CEO Linda OBryon

In October 2015, Carolina Classrooms: Equity in Education Town Hall Meeting provided a forum for educators, legislators and community leaders to discuss the challenges school districts face in educating children of poverty. Watch the full episode here .

Go behind the scenes with this Carolina Classroom cast and crew for the setup and filming at Francis Marion University in Florence, South Caroina.

Columbia Native Provides Financial Education Through Know Money Inc.

From: Carolina Money

Since May 2014, Know Money Inc. Founder & Chief Financial Mentor Steven Hughes has worked with nearly 1,000 individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations across South Carolina to advance financial literacy. As an award-winning B2B salesman, Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum, and real estate investor, Steven remains committed to helping others establish foundations to build wealth through money management skills.

Relationship Violence: A Survivor's Story of Crazy Love

From: Palmetto Scene

Katie Geer

Domestic Violence

Leslie Morgan Steiner is an author and public speaker about relationship abuse, as well as a survivor of her own horrific relationship. She sat down with Palmetto Scene’s Katie Geer and Brittany Braddock to talk about her memoir, Crazy Love and to answer the question that is asked of every survivor, "Why did they stay as long as they did?" Listen to the full podcast here.

SBA Announces Resources Available to Aid the Region’s Recovery

From: Carolina Money

Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet, the head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and member of President Obama's Cabinet, was in Columbia, South Carolina, today to meet with business owners, residents and local officials on recovery efforts in the aftermath of the recent floods. Contreras-Sweet announced additional SBA resources available to aid the region's recovery.

Quick Facts

SBA has 140 people on the ground currently helping SBA has received 160 disaster loan applications...

Health Effects of Mold Due to Flooding, and How to Dispose of Mold

From: Palmetto Scene

L. Steele

mold on window sill

Many people in S.C. are experiencing problems with mold in their homes, related to the recent flooding. As mold imposes several health risks, it’s important to know how to identify and dispose of it.

Mold can be detected by using your senses of sight and smell. It can usually be found on walls and ceilings, as spots, and can be several different colors. Mold also has a strong musty, earthy smell.

According to...

Old World South Meets New Feather Bow Tie

From: Palmetto Scene

There’s a history to South Carolina that, to some, can be reflected in the “Old World” finishing touches of the bow tie, as part of a gentleman’s attire. It was that history and a basic love of nature that led Ben Ross, and friend Jeff Plotner, to create a business that reflects the natural beauty of South Carolina...with the invention of the feather bow tie.

Ross first handcrafted a set of turkey feather bow...

Q&A | Understanding Small Business Loans

From: Carolina Money

Kaitlyn Park

Holt Chetwood, Wells Fargo Midlands Market President and Blake Montgomery, Wells Fargo Business Development Officer in Columbia

As South Carolina continues to develop into a business-friendly environment with a diversifying economy, many in the state are opening and maintaining small businesses. As of July 31, 2015, Wells Fargo is the leading SBA (Small Business Administration) 7(a) lender in South Carolina, based on units (91) and dollars ($23.3 MM). Carolina Money caught up with Holt Chetwood, Wells Fargo Midlands Market President and Blake Montgomery, Wells Fargo Business Development Officer in Columbia, to further...

Children Prefer Facts, Adults Fiction

From: Palmetto Scene

Katie Geer


Take a look at any kid's book section in a library and you're bound to find many fiction based books—books that embrace make-believe and fantasy worlds. Pop on over to the adult section and you're much more likely to find a wider variety of factual books. But one group of psychologists found out that just because kids are young, doesn't mean they are only interested in fiction stories. In fact, more children preferred factual stories...

Superintendent Spearman Talks Flood

From: Education

The Riley Institute at Furman University held their annual What Works SC awards ceremony this week in Columbia. ETV President, Linda O'Bryon, sat down with Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman during the event and talked with her about how the S.C. flood has impacted schools throughout the state. Spearman addressed the transportation issues and how schools can help those in need.

View the video on Palmetto Scene .

PBS LearningMedia Presents Math Resources Related to Everyday Life

From: Education

These featured PBS LearningMedia math resources offer teachers a range of creative hooks to get students engaged with core math concepts and highlight their relevance to everyday life.

Algebra and Chemistry as They Relate to Coffee

What can the coffee roasting process teach us about math? Lots! Every blend of coffee has a unique mixture of variables that must be solved for – two of those important variables are time and temperature....

GET YOUR TECH ON! Resources, Plus Win PD, Chromebooks and More!

From: Education

It’s that time of year again. . . time to GET YOUR TECH ON ! Access to digital technology is absolutely critical to fostering learning in today’s educational environment. From October 19 through December 11, PBS LearningMedia is emphasizing the importance of technology with resources to help you make effective use of digital content in the classroom.

More and more, educators are tapping into the power of digital media and technology for teaching and...

SBA Opens Business Recovery Center in Richland County

From: Carolina Money

SBA Opens Business Recovery Center in Richland County

According to a press release , the U.S. Small Business Administration opened a Business Recovery Center to help several counties in S.C., including Richland and Lexington County.

The Business Recovery Center will help business owners apply for low interest disaster loans, which are made available to the SBA disaster declaration due to the recent severe flooding in S.C.

These counties are eligible for both physical and economic injury disaster loans from the SBA....

FEMA Aid, What to Expect After You Apply

From: Carolina Money

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is offering disaster aid programs and assistance for affected individuals, families and businesses in South Carolina. Affected individuals and business owners in designated areas can begin the disaster application process by registering online at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) or by web-enabled mobile device at .

DHEC Orders Actions for Dam Safety After Historic Flooding

From: Palmetto Scene

L. Steele

After what has been referred to as the 1,000-year flood, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control announced that it would be issuing orders at several dams across S.C.

“As a result of the 1,000-year flood, many dams across our state were damaged and have been identified as needing repair,” said DHEC Director Catherine Heigel. She added that, “DHEC remains committed to ensuring public safety and will be aggressive in pursuing all necessary...