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PODCAST | Recovering from the Flood: Lexington's Old Mill

From: Carolina Money

Andrea Esselman

Recovering from the Flood: Lexington's Old Mill

Laban Chappell is the co-owner of Lexington's Old Mill, along with his father-in-law and brother-in-law. He lives in Charleston and travels to Lexington frequently to maintain the mill and work with the businesses that are located there.

The Old Mill is home to many local businesses, including:

Old Mill Brewpub Creekside Restaurant Hank's Art Glass Keisler Hipkins & Associates The Pauley Law Firm Rainy Day Pal Used Books Watershed Fellowship Church

The Old...

PBS LearningMedia Feature Veterans Stories Across the Ages

From: Education

In honor of Veterans Day, PSB LearningMedia will spotlight stories about veterans from around the country – and across the ages.

WWII – New Roles for Women and African Americans

On September 1, 1939, World War II was declared in Europe when Germany invaded Poland. The United States entered the war two years later on December 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked U.S. military and naval bases at Pearl Harbor....

Sweet Potato Bread

From: Making it Grow

Sweet Potato Bread

Annie Ham from McCall Farms in Effingham, SC share her recipe for Sweet Potato Bread!

Students are Playing Angry Birds in Class to Learn Computer Science

From: Carolina Money

Angry Birds Game

Teachers at Ballentine Elementary School are using the video game Angry Birds to teach their students basic computer coding skills.

This version of Angry Birds was created by , and it is “similar to what computer programmers use to create software and websites,” according to WLTX .

Having skills in computer coding could benefit these kids in the long-term, regardless of what career path they choose.

As WLTX reports, the school...

Eight Tips For Women Who Want To Start A Business

From: Carolina Money

Marina Ziehe

Women sitting in down watching a workshop

Do you want to start your own business but have no idea how to take the first steps?

The South Carolina Women's Business Center is one of the resources located in Columbia S.C. that aims to educate and train entrepreneurs at all levels. The program is part of the Center for Women , a non-profit organization that wants "to see South Carolina women connected for success."

A panel of three speakers sat...

Who Will Pay to Kill Mosquitoes After Flooding?

From: Palmetto Scene


After the historic flooding, S.C is facing a serious influx in the number of mosquitoes in certain areas. To solve this problem, counties in S.C. will spray for mosquitoes from the air.

It will cost about $39 million to treat all the counties that are supported by the federal emergency declaration. Lawmakers have said that it will cost $1.5 million for each county, which rural areas are unable to afford.

Since several counties...

More Changes and Growth in The Vista

From: Palmetto Scene

Kaitlyn Park

Finlay Park

Columbia’s Vista has become a hub for citizens in the Capital City looking to live, work and play in the heart of downtown. So it should come as no surprise that the Vista is continuing to grow.

Cola Daily reports that two new restaurants will soon be coming to the Vista: Newk’s Eatery, as well as Twisted Spur Brewing.

Newk’s Eatery opens Monday at 707 Gervais St., and is a franchise in...

Q&A | A Conversation with Anthony Goldman, CEO of Koala Bottle

From: Carolina Money

Andrea Esselman

Anthony Goldman, CEO of Koala Bottle

Anthony Goldman is the founder and CEO of Koala Bottle. The bottle is a magnetic bottle system designed for bicycles. It allows easier access to the water bottle while riding and greater safety because the rider does not have to take his or her eyes off the road. The bottle has a magnetic ring around its top, and it is stored in a magnetic holder on the bike.

Q: First off, could you...

PBS LearningMedia Illuminates Native American History and Culture

From: Education

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, PBS LearningMedia spotlights resources that illuminate various aspects of Native American history and culture.

First People – The Native Americans

The story of America doesn’t start when the English colonized the country in 1607 – in fact, they weren’t the first Europeans to arrive, or even the first people to live here. That stake in history belongs to the Native Americans.

In this lesson...

Carolina Classrooms Equity in Education Now Online, Adult Education Repeats Nov. 25

From: Education

Carolina Classrooms is ETV’s monthly educational series for teachers, parents and all citizens invested in the education of our children. Each program focuses on key educational topics and initiatives in our state. From addressing ways to make higher education more affordable to preparing students for 21st century careers; from looking at statewide assessments to celebrating our best South Carolina educators, Carolina Classrooms provides a forum for education stakeholders to learn and be involved.


VIDEO | LaBrasca's Pizza Slowly Gets Back on Its Feet

From: Carolina Money

Marina Ziehe

LaBrasca's Pizza

After the historic flood that struck Columbia early in October, many businesses suffered damages unlike anything they have ever seen. LaBrasca’s Pizza was one of them. Located in the Garners Ferry area, LaBrasca’s suffered from the unexpected flooding of Gills Creek. Despite the setbacks, and with community support, LaBrasca’s has managed to slowly get back on its feet. They are currently open for carry-out and order deliveries.

About LaBrasca’s Pizza:


Filming in S.C. Causes Businesses to Boom

From: Palmetto Scene

The story of a young man seeking answers after being plagued with a demon his whole life is causing a lot of cash flow for Rock Hill, South Carolina. The television series Outcast has been filming in York and Chester counties since June and has pumped more then $2 million into the local economy, production officials reported, according to an article in The State .

The show, which is based on a comic book...

EOC Publishes Evaluation of Summer Reading Camp Partnerships

From: Education

Pursuant to Proviso 1.79 of the 2014-15 General Appropriations Act, the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is responsible for evaluating the impact of community partnerships on student academic success. The EOC released a report on October 12 that provides findings and recommendations on the implementation of after-school and summer reading programs implemented by community partnerships during Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 across South Carolina to support struggling readers.

During this time period, the SC Department...

Music Icon to Perform at the Church in Charleston Where 9 People Were Killed in Shooting

From: Palmetto Scene

L. Steele


The popular Grammy-winning pop singer, musician and music producer, Pharrell Williams, will perform at the Charleston church where 9 innocent people were shot and killed this past June.

According to The State , several news outlets have reported that A+E Networks and iHeartMedia are producing a program on race relations, which will feature Pharrell’s performance.

This program, called “Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America” will air on Nov....

S.C. DSS and The Salvation Army Teamed Up To Give Temporary Housing to Flood Victims

From: Palmetto Scene

Tabitha Safdi


The S.C. Department of Social Services and The Salvation Army have teamed up to give flood victims a place to stay, after being made homeless by the flood. According to WIS , at one point, there were over 900 flood victims staying in shelters in S.C.

The DSS moved a number of these victims into the Days Inn on Garners Ferry Road after the flood, so that they had a temporary place to stay....

SCETV's Dean Byrd Wins Education Award


Dean Byrd

Dean Byrd, Director of Education at SCETV, has been awarded the SC Association for Educational Technology’s “Making It Happen” award for his outstanding contribution to educational technology in South Carolina.

Byrd’s work at ETV brings educational content-on-demand to local home, public, and private schools with specialized internet services, such as StreamlineSC and PBS Learning Media. His department also specializes in face-to-face and online teacher training, web and video production, streaming, and tailoring services to...

Breaking the Silence of Bullying – NEW in ETV’s StreamlineSC

From: Education

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and ETV’s free online resources are a source for bully prevention video programs that can raise awareness about bullying and identify ways to stop bullying before it starts.

Breaking the Silence of Bullying is now part of StreamlineSC. Recommended for grades 9-12, this program is a video adaptation of the original dramatic play written by Dr. Beverly Boone. The play and video program, which is approximately 16...

More Help Needed as Flood Damage Still Huge Issue

From: Palmetto Scene

The Timberlane area, off of South Beltline, in Columbia was one of the hardest hit during the recent floods. This community, which resides next to Gills Creek, recently moved over 2 million pounds of flood debris from 3 streets in less than 3 weeks: Timberlane, Glenhaven & Tall Pines. Help is still needed to rebuild this community, as the residents deal with the physical and emotional trauma of this catastrophic event.

Donations of food,...

Young Readers Invited to Write to Favorite Authors

From: Education

Young readers in grades 4-12 are invited to write a personal letter to an author for the Letters about Literature (LAL) contest, a national reading and writing promotion program. The letter can be to any author (living or dead) from any genre (fiction or nonfiction, contemporary or classic) explaining how that author’s work changed the student’s life or view of the world.

The 23rd annual writing contest for young readers is made possible by...

Coastal Area Continues to be Hit By Flooding

From: Palmetto Scene

Even though the impact appears minimal, coastal flooding continues to be widespread throughout the low country.

King tides look to be the culprit. According to the State Newspaper , these high tides caused by astronomical factors are likely to “continue into Wednesday, National Weather Service Charleston meteorologist Steve Rowley said Tuesday.”

The astronomical factors he is speaking of is the full moon and the moon’s perigee occurring in close proximity to each other....

Q&A | ​Abigail Zeiler, Director of Communications at Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

From: Carolina Money

Marina Ziehe

Abigail Zeiler, Director of Communications at Columbia Opportunity Resource (COR)

Columbia Opportunity Resource, COR, connects talented professionals in the greater Columbia area to diverse and meaningful networks for leadership, service and fun. COR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. COR's vision is an innovative, energized and successful Columbia community that attracts, inspires, develops, and retains the best talent in the region.

Q: What is unique about COR? COR is as unique as the people who work to fulfill its mission. Our board, action teams...

Columbia-Based Technology Incubator Helping To Ignite Startup Companies

From: Palmetto Scene

Technology Idea

The USC / Columbia Technology Incubator recruits and then consults with high-impact startup companies in the Midlands of South Carolina. The Incubator is a nonprofit corporation sponsored by the University of South Carolina, City of Columbia and other area governments.

The incubator houses nearly 50 companies. Since its inception in 1998, it has provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas.

Laura Corder, director of communications for the Incubator and the USC Office...

Carolina Classrooms Talks Education Equity

From: Palmetto Scene

Wednesday night at 7:00 on SCETV, Carolina Classrooms, together with the American Graduate project, will air a special town hall meeting from Francis Marion University. Discussions range from the Abbeville Equity in Education decision to the future of education in South Carolina. Since the S.C. Supreme Court ruling, lawmakers have been charged with responding to the inequalities in education in our state. What does this decision mean and how will the issues be addressed? We’ll...

College Preparedness a Major Concern for 11th-Graders

From: Palmetto Scene

L. Steele


According to recent test results released by the S.C. Department of Education, less than half of 11th-graders in S.C. are prepared to succeed in college. These results are based on the ACT, which is an aptitude test that’s used to predict how well a student will do in college. It showed that approximately 89 percent of juniors last year were not ready to succeed in college.

In a study released Friday by the S.C....

PBS LearningMedia Integrates “Scary” Themes into Math, ELA and Science!

From: Education

This week’s featured resources offer teachers an easy way to integrate Halloween themes into their math, language arts, and science lessons all week long!

Meet Mary Shelley’s Famously Frightful Novel!

“It’s aliiiiive!” That memorable line was in “Frankenstein” the movie, but it wasn’t in the book. And many think of Frankenstein as the stiff-armed, fabricated monster, but that was actually the doctor’s name. In this episode of “Crash Course,” John Green introduces...