Ian Sanchez

What is Web of Water?

Rivers touch some aspect of our lives everyday, quietly serving a need for drinking water, farming, power, industry and recreation. In the spring of 2008, educator Ian Sanchez kayaked from the mountains to the sea, making connections between our cultural and natural landscapes. The redesign of Riverventure.org's Web of Water feature includes videos shot on location of Ian's three week adventure, teacher and student resources, map and diagram collections, and additional streaming video from the broadcast documentary. "Webisodes" provide an inspiring look at Ian's special brand of outreach and environmental education, and insight into how rivers, landforms and landscapes of South Carolina shape who we are, where we live and why we live there. Check out the new Web of Water on Riverventure.org!

Web of Water is based on the environmental education outreach of South Carolina Lowcountry Environmental Education Program (SCLEEP).

The Web of Water Documentary and Webisode video content were developed and produced by Organic Process Productions: http://www.organicprocess.com

The Web of Water documentary is a wonderful companion to the site's content. Edited as a half-hour broadcast program, the video covers Ian's complete adventure from the mountains to the sea, and features many additional locations and subjects not available in the Webisodes. View Entire Documentary (26:46)

The Web of Water team thanks the following for their kind contributions to the adventure: Kokotat for the dry top, Seal for the spray skirt, Bending Branches for the paddles, Perception and Johnson Outdoors for the kayak, and Tom Foote for making it all happen.

Ian's trip is sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.