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August 12, 2013: Coming Up on Speaking of Schools

Those of us over 50 (or 60) remember the words “Ring, Ring goes the bell,” as R&B vocalist Chuck Berry described the opening days of school. Lots of the song’s lyrics still apply to the reopening of school doors, but students in the song’s heyday didn’t know about the South Carolina Virtual School Program (SCVSP) and the myriad opportunities it offers to high school students in public, private and home schools. We’ll discuss new policies and registration procedures on an upcoming podcast and are planning more informative programs during the early weeks of the 2013-14 school year. Other topics coming up are a discussion about the October Empowering Girls Symposium and about the annual meeting and conference of the South Carolina Autism Society. We’ll also discuss events sponsored by Pro-Parents of SC, an organization that assists children and young adults with disabilities, and their families. Pro-Parents will present an all day workshop focusing on critical aspects of ADHD as they relate to school and home challenges. The organization will also sponsor a Transition Conference in October for transition-aged students (ages 14-22) and their caregivers. Speaking of Schools will also provide a higher education focus as we’ll learn about the new Honors program at Lander University, and listeners will get a chance to meet Dr. Nayef Samhat, the new President of Wofford College. Also on the horizon is an opportunity to discover how Teach for America is impacting our state as the third cohort of TFA teachers will begin serving in our schools this fall. Upcoming podcasts are being planned to inform parents, students and teachers. We hope you’ll join us for Speaking of Schools!

May 06, 2013: This Month on Speaking of Schools

Those of us who are more than a few years out of school remember laid-back summers that involved a summer camp or two, a family vacation, or reading books to pass the long summer days. But these days there are a lot more things to occupy young folks' time. Over the next few months, we will take a look at summer educational opportunities for students and teachers while looking back on their accomplishments over the past academic year. Reading programs abound, and students are busy with remedial and enrichment studies preparing them for the next levels where competition for scholarship money and class rank have greater priority, perhaps greater than ever before. Summer opportunities for virtual learning have made subject matter at all levels more available and more challenging.

Our Speaking of Schools podcasts will continue weekly throughout the summer, highlighting learning opportunities for all students along with some of their accomplishments from the past year, such as winners in the Letters About Literature and Poetry Out Loud competitions. We'll recognize teachers, too, as we hear the keynote address and other proceedings at the State Teacher of the Year celebration, and, as has become our custom, we'll offer a conversation with the outgoing "Top Teacher," including reflections on her year-long reign. Student musicians performing in All State Band and Choral concerts will also be featured, along with much, much more. Summers are full of education-related conversations with guests on Speaking of Schools!

March 12, 2013: This Month on Speaking of Schools

As we spring into warmer weather we’ll complete the Principals of Excellence series we began a couple of months ago and look forward to learning about Darkness To Light out of Charleston and the Stewards of Children program, training for adults working with children on how to recognize and prevent the sexual abuse of children. News is upcoming about summer opportunities for teachers as they continue in their efforts to find challenging and stimulating subject matter for their students. There will be numerous summer opportunities for students as well with language academies, camps and other study opportunities across the state and educational opportunities for families as parents and care givers look for opportunities to turn the long summer days into educational opportunities for themselves and their children. Each week Speaking of Schools will feature conversations devoted to educational awareness and opportunities in the Palmetto State.

January 17, 2013: January on Speaking of Schools

Over the next few weeks we'll begin a series of five programs entitled Principals of Excellence featuring principals from around the state who were selected from a cross-section of schools and districts engaging in conversation about their successful schools. Podcasts, featuring the audio from eMedia’s and SCETV’s  In Our Schools productions, feature discussions on School Choice, the Changing Roles of the Principal, Literacy, Technology and Using Data to Improve School Performance. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to each Speaking of Schools podcast!

October 23, 2012: This Month on Speaking of Schools

As Election Day 2012 approaches, Speaking of Schools will feature two programs that will bring greater meaning to everyone regarding the significance of the U.S. Constitution. One program features an address given by a Dutch Fork High School Senior to fellow students in attendance at the Constitution Day celebration at the State House on September 17th and the second will be a role-play with Furman President Rod Smolla who is also a distinguished barrister who has argued cases before Courts throughout our Judicial system. Later in November we’ll learn about two contests whose popularity increases with each passing year: Letters About Literature features three divisions of competition and invites students to write a letter to an author, living or dead, telling that person how the book changed their lives and influenced their future. The other contest, Poetry Out Loud, is a national recitation contest emphasizing the appreciation of poetry as well as enhancing the student’s oratorical skills and self-confidence. And it’s time for rising juniors and seniors with outstanding artistic ability and those who have a passion for the sciences and mathematics to explore opportunities at the Governors Schools for the Arts in Greenville as well as the Science and Mathematics school in Hartsville. Those interesting, informative programs are coming soon to Speaking of Schools!


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