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The Adventists 2 Press Release

Medical missionaries bring healing and hope to the far reaches of the globe.

Dramatic documentary now on DVD, on Public Television in September

“One-point-two billion people in the world have no access to healthcare,” says former World Health Organization official Ted Karpf, featured in The ADVENTISTS 2. “That’s nearly twenty percent of humanity.”

The ADVENTISTS 2 brings to life the heroic story of Adventist doctors and medical professionals who are addressing healthcare disparities as they travel the globe bringing healing to those who need it most. 

  • In Brazil, Brad and Lina Mills ply their speedboat up the Amazon River, delivering medicines and supplies to the indigenous peoples along its banks.
  • In Malawi, Dr. Cristy Shank and her medical staff visit remote villages to provide the medicines and the health education that could save the lives of a generation of children born to mothers with HIV.
  • In Haiti, Dr. Scott Nelson and a team of orthopedic specialists – all volunteers - work 16-hour days to transform the lives of children suffering from disabilities so that they can walk and run again.

Filmed on location in Haiti, Brazil, Malawi, China, Peru and the Dominican Republic The ADVENTISTS 2 explores how Seventh-day Adventists are addressing important health issues around the world and doing it out of a century-old tradition of medical missions.

“Healthcare is extraordinarily important to Adventists,” renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson says in the film. “We take very seriously the verse in the bible that says your body is the temple of God and you have a responsibility to take care of it.”

Emmy-winning director Martin Doblmeier calls The ADVENTISTS 2 “the most ambitious film project we have undertaken. All of us have been inspired to see how men and women with the talent to heal give of their gifts to help those in need in some of the most remote regions in the world. It’s a compelling story because it reflects the very best of the human spirit.”

To view a clip of the film and purchase DVDs visit:

The ADVENTISTS 2 is a presentation of SCETV and American Public Television, sequel to the critically acclaimed film The ADVENTISTS, now on Public Television. Directed by Martin Doblmeier; Associate Producer, Deryl Davis; Director of Photography, Nathan DeWild; Production Assistant, John Dillon. A production of Journey Films.

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