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Expeditions National Season 100s

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#101 "California, an Ecological Island"
Incredibly biodiverse coasts, shrublands, deserts and mountains of San Diego County.

California is by far our most diverse state. It’s a hotbed for diversity and relicts from the past.  Discover how to generate such diversity, how to maintain it, and what can be learned from California’s geologic history.  Join Patrick for a look at the coasts, shrublands, deserts and mountains of San Diego county.

#102 "California – Hope, Survival and Resilience"
Compelling stories of survival on the California coast.

Condors, Elephant Seals, Sea Otters and Elk - mankind always seems to step in at the very last minute to save a species, to make a change. Join Patrick as he explores some of the most compelling stories of survival on the California coast.

#103 "Beringia, the Eternal Frontier"
Ancient land bridge suggests American moose, grizzly bears and bison have roots in Asia.

Moose, grizzly bears, and bison are typical American animals, but their roots are in Asia. The wildlife of our continent was largely shaped by the land bridge of Beringia. Join Patrick for an unforgettable look at the remnants of Beringian Alaska – an eternal frontier.

#104 "Reshaping the Arctic"
Long-term impact of changes in the Arctic.

Like it or not, change has come to the Arctic. Join Patrick as he explores the connections the Arctic has to your backyard and the impact that the dramatic changes happening today might have on our lives.

#105 "The Rice Kingdom"
South Carolina rice fields revert to spectacular natural treasures.

It was rice that built wealth in South Carolina - vast project of converting swamps to fields that was abandoned in the early 20th century. These fields have reverted to one of the most spectacular natural treasures in the South – havens for wildlife and wildflowers. Sometimes man’s alterations can have positive consequences.

#106 "Arizona’s Sky Islands"
Unexpected diversity of prairies and in forests of sycamore, maple, oak and pine. 

When you think of southern Arizona you probably don’t think about prairies, moist Sycamore and maple forests, or lush oak and pine forests, but they are a huge part of southern Arizona. Join Patrick as he explores the unexpected and unusual diversity found in Arizona’s sky islands.

#107 "Arizona, a Border or Barrier?"
Border fences change biological movements and frontiers.

Much of the diversity of southern Arizona is more Mexican than American.  Political borders are changing biological movements and frontiers. Join Patrick as he explores the Mexican connection of American wildlife and challenges they face due to the border fence.

#108 "Blue Ridge, the Heart of the Eastern Forest"
Diverse and resilient center of the 'Blue Wall' of South Carolina.

The Southern Blue Ridge escarpment is often overlooked for the loftier peaks of the Appalachian spine but they are the diverse and resilient center of the eastern Deciduous forest. Join Patrick for an unforgettable journey through the “Blue Wall” of South Carolina.

#109 "Blue Ridge, a Crucible of Life"
Escarpment serves as a refuge for life during changing climates.

The Southern Blue Ridge escarpment has served as a refuge for life during changing climates in the past and can serve as a resilient landscape in the face of changes happening today. Join Patrick for a journey through the gorges that serve as a crucible of life during change.

#110 "The Great Plains, an Ever-changing Tapestry"
Beautiful and diverse sea of grass, canyons, badlands and sandhills. 

Nebraska may not be your first choice for a summer vacation, but if you love wildlife you might want to reconsider. On his first trip here Patrick expected corn, but what he found was a beautiful and diverse sea of grass, canyons, badlands and sandhills, all bursting with life. This is the heart of the Great Plains, the heartland of the continent that is tied to every corner and every life.  Join Patrick on an unforgettable voyage of discovery through this immense sea of grass as he explores the ever-changing tapestry of the Great Plains.

#111 "Ghosts of the Plains"
Researchers try to change the fate of prairie dogs, ferrets, foxes and others on the verge of extinction.

Imagine 30 million Bison and 4 billion Prairie Dogs sharing the plains with us.  In only a decade these massive herds were all but extinguished.  We look back at the actions of the people in the 19th century in disbelief; how could they do that?  But did we learn from their mistakes, or are we doomed to repeat them?  Prairie Dogs, Black-footed Ferrets and Kit Foxes—these are the stories and species of our time.  Join Patrick as he journeys into the prairie with researchers who are trying to change the fate of those that are on the verge of becoming the ghosts of the plains.

#112 "Grassy Balds, the Heart of Roan"
One of nature’s greatest riddles, vast treeless grasslands are home to rare species. 

Few places can inspire a naturalist as much as Roan Mountain. This is one of North America’s greatest and most beautiful natural areas. The crown jewel of this highland is its grassy balds, vast treeless grasslands that are reminiscent of prairies. They shelter many rare and endangered species and connect man to the natural world as poignantly as possible. Yet the balds are one of nature’s greatest riddles.  Where did they come from and, maybe more importantly, where are they going? Join Patrick as he explores the grassy balds, the heart of Roan.

#113 "The Rite of Spring"
Amazing, often bizarre, mating rituals of creatures across the continent.

Birds migrate huge distances from wintering grounds.  Frogs, each with their own unique voice, call from wetlands.  Deer and elk battle with anglers as weapons.  What is the point of all of this?  Every spring, thousands of species participate in rites - rituals with a single goal in mind:  breeding.  Join Patrick, along with guests Matt Johnson and Drew Lanham, as they explore the amazing, and often bizarre rituals of many creatures across the continent and right outside your back door.

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