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Podcasting Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podcasting?

"Podcasting" is a compound word coined in 2004 that combined two words: "iPod" and "broadcasting."

Podcasting is the method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. The distribution format of a podcast uses either the RSS or Atom syndication formats.

The term podcast, like "radio," can mean both the content and the method of delivery. The host or author of a podcast is often referred to as a "podcaster."
Podcasters' web sites may also offer direct download or streaming of their files, however a podcast is distinguished by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software capable of reading RSS or Atom feeds.

Some podcasts also make it possible to download video on demand, sometimes called “vodcasts.”

-From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (9 May 2006)

What software do I need?

To play ETV’s podcasts on your computer, all you need is subscription software.
There are many different versions of free podcast subscription software available for Internet download. The most famous and perhaps among the easiest to use is Apple’s iTunes (which has a built in media player), but there are other free choices out there, such as Juice (formerly iPodder) and Odeo.

Read the Help section for your podcast subscription software of choice for information about how to use it effectively.

What hardware do I need?

To listen to a podcast (or to watch a vodcast) on your computer, you just need to use a computer with a sound card and speakers (and a monitor).

If you want to listen to our podcasts on the go, you’ll need a portable MP3 player device, such as an Apple iPod or the equivalent. Many different audio companies now sell MP3 players. You can also download the podcast files to a PDA (portable digital assistant) or to specially equipped cell phones.

To watch a vodcast on the go, your portable player device must be equipped to display video.

How do I subscribe to a podcast?

When you find a program that interests you, click on the title of the podcast to go to a page with a description of the program, its classification, duration, and frequency of updates.

To subscribe, simply copy the URL in the rectangular box to the right of the POD chicklet. button. (Be sure you copy the entire address, beginning with “http://”and ending with “.xml.”) Then paste the URL into the correct place in your subscription software.
For example, in Apple’s iTunes subscription software, go to Advanced | Subscribe to Podcast… and paste the URL in the pop-up window, then click the OK button. This will subscribe you to the podcast.

However, Apple’s iTunes  (and perhaps some other subscription software products) allows you to take a shortcut: You can simply click and drag the POD chicklet. button to the subscription software’s window, and the software will subscribe you automatically.

You only have to subscribe to an individual podcast once. Future episodes will automatically be downloaded when you open your subscription software.

Refer to the Help section in your software for more details.

I subscribed; now what?

Refer to the Help section in your subscription software of choice to learn how to play the podcast; Apple’s iTunes has the multimedia player built-in. If you prefer to use other subscription software, you may need to use multimedia player software to play the podcast, such as the free Windows Media Player or the free version of Real Player.
To learn how to download a podcast to your iPod or other portable MP3 player device, refer to the Help section in your subscription software.

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