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Waccamaw Riverwalk

The greatest assets of many cities in the Pee Dee region are natural areas that have become an enduring part of the community landscape. By providing safe access and views of the Waccamaw River, the City of Conway has raised its quality of living. Education, recreation, and retreat are all important aspects of the preservation of "urban nature."

From the City of Conway:

"In 1734, a group of colonists set out to explore the uncharted Waccamaw River, looking for land and adventure. They found both! They encountered bears, wolves and for a short time, the fear of starvation. Some got lost exploring the dense swampland and barely made it out alive. Following their risky jaunt, they pronounced the Waccamaw, 'the boldest river in South Carolina.' A day-trip to Conway offers modern-day adventurers a variety of ways to explore and learn more about this mysterious waterway, one of the world's few black water rivers. Start your visit at the Conway Visitor Center (903 Third Avenue) to pick up a copy of our guide to the river and historic warehouse district. Just beyond the bridge, Conway's updated riverfront features a beautiful 850-foot boardwalk that invites a leisurely stroll along the tranquill waters of the five million-year-old river..."

Visit: City of Conway: Waccamaw Riverwalk

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