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The Pee Dee: A Small Exhibit about a Big Place

In 2008, the Florence Museum and the Pee Dee Land Trust collaborated on the exhibit, "The Pee Dee: A Small Exhibit about a Big Place." Stephen Motte, museum curator and interpreter, gave us a tour of the exhibit...

From the Florence Museum web announcement:

2008: The Pee Dee – A Small Exhibit About A Big Place

This exhibit explores the Pee Dee not only as a cultural space but as a diverse region of ecological and geological significance. From Chesterfield to Georgetown the Pee Dee is bound together by its common resource, the Great Pee Dee River. This water system has shaped the identity of plantlife, wildlife and society since before the first Europeans settled here over 300 years ago.

Featured in the exhibit are dinosaur fossils, Native American artifacts, maps, and local art and crafts interwoven with information which gives the viewer a glimpse of the many faces of Pee Dee history. Also on display is a video which follows the growth and decline of tobacco farming in Marion county, produced by ETV. The Pee Dee Land Trust, sponsor of the exhibit, is an organisation dedicated to preserving the heritage of the region by protecting lands of agricultural, ecological and historic value.

Pee Dee Land Trust

Article and images from the exhibit

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