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The Farm

Farm, community, and environment - interwoven, balanced, and sustainable - are ideals Charlie Caldwell dedicates to sharing with residents and visitors of the Pee Dee. Experienced hobby farmers, the Caldwell family moved to the Timmonsville area in the 1990s to raise livestock as a full time occupation. The goal was not to “to get away from it all,” but instead, work together with a greater community of farmers to reinvigorate an appreciation for locally grown and raised products. The farm’s festivals, education programs, and “all local” farmers market are part of that effort.

The Ovis Hill Fall Farm Festival is a full display of old-fashioned wool fiber production. Sheep are herded by Border Collies, sheared by an expert, and their fiber is spun and dyed using traditional techniques.

In this video, we learn how farmer Charlie Caldwell and sheep shearer Jonathan Hearne work together to produce a yield of wool.

Visit: Ovis Hill Farm

Sandlapper Article (PDF): Farming as a Passion

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