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Saving Sandy Island - Full Documentary

The full version of the documentary "Saving Sandy Island," provided courtesy of ETV provides an in depth view of the island's natural and cultural landscape, and the fight to save it...

Saving Sandy Island

Early every weekday morning, a fleet of small motorboats launches from the Mount Arena landing on Sandy Island, taking residents to work along South Carolina’s Grand Strand. The children board the school boat, the Prince Washington, for the daily trip to mainland schools. However, residents do not seem to mind that there are no roads on or off the island. In fact, they fought to keep it this way. The program takes a multi-faceted look at the sensitive issue of environmental development along this stretch of South Carolina’s coastline. A year in the making, this program explores the complex issues surrounding the threat of development to Sandy Island, the residents and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. Perspectives from all the main players in the debate – from the residents who are descended from freed slaves, to the environmentalists, to the developers themselves – are offered during this unflinching look.

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