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Sandy Island - NatureScene Episode

This island, located in the lower coastal plains of South Carolina, is surrounded by fresh water and old sand dunes now stabilized by mixed forests. A red-cockaded woodpecker nests in the trees and an osprey flies over the water. Take a look at the variety of aquatic plant and animal habitats that are living in both the dry and wet ridges in this full length episode of NatureScene!

From the Nature Conservancy:

"Sandy Island is a unique land form in South Carolina, supporting a diverse assemblage of natural communities. The island is located between the Waccamaw and Great Pee Dee Rivers and represents the largest undeveloped tract remaining in the Waccamaw Neck. The island is a complex of wetland and upland communities. The 1,100 acres of wetlands along the Waccamaw River, on the east side of Sandy Island, were converted to rice plantations during the 1800s. A few remnant impoundments and water control structures used for rice culture are still intact."

Please visit the The Nature Conservancy: Sandy Island for more information on visiting the island.

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