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Grits and Meal

Grits are a common southern food with Native American origins. Corn (maize) was crushed by stone to a “gritty” meal, boiled in water, and consumed as a staple part of the Native American diet. The process changed little into the early 20th century. Farmers brought raw corn kernels to the community gristmill, where millstones powered by water, steam, and eventually diesel engines ground the kernels into grits, meal, or flower.

Blizzard Branch’s grits operation uses a 1930s milling machine powered by one of farmer John Catoe’s many lovingly restored tractor engines. Mr. Catoe invites the public to purchase stone ground grits at his farm, and occasionally provides an opportunity to see the milling operation in progress.

Visit: Blizzard Branch Milling and Syrup Company

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