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Farming in the Family

Changing world markets, unpredictable weather, pests, disease, and plain hard work contribute to the ups and downs of farming. Despite such challenges, many people in the Pee Dee see farming as more than a job, but a rural way of life they would like to pass down to another generation. The occupation can be a difficult sell to a generation of youth increasingly tuned in to more urban or suburban lifestyles.

John Catoe is a corn and sugarcane farmer who follows a “what’s old is new again” approach to producing and marketing his product, and perhaps, the farming lifestyle. His “heritage” foods are traditional products increasingly in demand as consumers look for alternatives to modern, processed food that comes from a local grocery chain. The Catoe farm, “Blizzard Branch,” specializes in stone ground grits and old-fashioned cane syrup, all ingredients of which are grown and processed on the property.

In this video Mr. Catoe and his son Andy speak to a tradition of farming in the family and the rural lifestyle in which it is set…

Visit: Blizzard Branch Milling and Syrup Company

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