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Making It Grow

Making It Grow 11-5-2013

Making it Grow! with host Amanda McNulty. Teresa Young, natural resources agent from Florence, S.C., answers questions online in the Facebook chat room. This week, Dr. John Nelson joins us in the ETV Sumter studio to share some mystery plants that are quite colorful and have beautiful leaves during the fall season.  On this week's featured segment, we visited with Perdeaux Fruit Farm in Rest, S.C. They produce a variety of high-quality preserves made fresh at the farm from apples, blueberries, and more.

This week's guests include: Sidney Frazier from Middleton Place, Vicky Bertagnolli, a horticulture agent from Lexington, S.C. and Tony Melton, Clemson Extension agent


Tune in to the on-demand show for some of the live questions.

1. I had beautiful hybrid roses and it looks like ink worms have stripped their leaves. What can I do?

2. I would like to stop the dollar weeds from creeping into my yard.

3. Can you continue to fertilize established greens during this time of year (autumn)?

4. I'm having a problem with my pomegranates. They are not sweet.

5. I have two potted Japanese maples and I'm wondering how expensive is a root system?

6. I seem to have mold on the leaves of my hydrangeas? What's causing this?

7. I have a 25 year-old rose bush. How can I move it successfully to the front yard with a trellis?

8. We have had blueberries for four years, but we have never trimmed them. Should we be pruning them?

9. How can I get rid of the grasshoppers eating my greens?

10. I have Angel Trumpet trees. Is this the time of year (autumn) to cut them back?

11. I have a gloss citrus in a small pot and want to tranfer them to a larger pot.

12. Where can I find a bay leaf tree?

13. I have three snowball bushes in full sun, and for the past two years, they have been looking fried. Should I move them?

14. How can fire ants be safely removed from my vegetable garden?

15. I want to trim the bottom limbs on my magnolia trees. Will this stress the tree?

16. I have two burning bushes that won't thrive, but my other burning bushes are doing fine.


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