Wishing You a Healthy Spring and Summer with these Health-Related Resources from Knowitall.org!

Wishing You a Healthy Spring and Summer with these Health-Related Resources from Knowitall.org!

Healthy Hannah's Healthy Choice Heroes (Grades K-6)

SCETV-produced micro-series consisting of twenty 2 to 3-minute episodes intended for S.C. school students (K-6).

Healthy Hannah is a cyber super-hero who helps her friends make healthy choices. View all 20 programs here.

Make Half Your Grains Whole - Hannah helps her friend Susan make a healthy choice for breakfast. 

Milk Makes Healthy Bones - A trip to the dairy farm with Hannah helps Michael and Erin learn the differences between non-fat and whole milk and why dairy products are good for you.

ChooseMyPlate.gov - Hannah shows Ken and Susan a website that helps them make healthy choices.

Bike For Your Life - Hannah and Erin show Michael that the healthy choice is to be more active.  

Change Your Oil - Hannah helps Ken make a healthy choice for ingredients while baking a cake.

Fun With Fruit - Hannah teaches Michael and Erin that fruit is a better choice for an energy source.

Go Play Outside! - The healthy choice for playing doesn’t necessarily mean gaming.

Two Hours Or Less - Hannah teaches Michael and Erin the meaning of "screen time" and that too much of it is NOT a healthy choice. 

Walking the Dog - Hannah and her friends rap about staying active while taking care of your pet. 

Limit Your Salt - Hannah delivers a delicious AND healthy snack that's easy to make and low in sodium! 

Beans Are Protein - Sometimes beans are a great choice for protein instead of meat. 

Aerobic Activity - Hannah teaches Erin and Michael a simple aerobic exercise while learning that the best kind of exercise is the kind you get from using lots of oxygen.   

Play Hard, Snack Healthy - The Healthy Choice Heroes learn that while its fun being active it’s important to stay hydrated and choose healthy snacks.

Vary Your Veggies - Hannah helps her friends find out that the healthier choice for a salad is a more colorful salad.  

Portion Sizes - Hannah shows Ken and Susan how to choose the proper portion size of different foods.

Once Around The Clock - Hannah explains that choosing to be physically active for at least one hour a day can be as easy as just dancing.

Where Does Your Food Grow? - Hannah takes her friends to a peach orchard to show them that many great choices of foods can be found locally.

A Trip To The Dentist - Hannah pays a surprise visit to Michael while he's at the dentist for a check up.  

Go Lean With Protein - Ken and Susan learn that when it comes to protein the leaner choice is the healthy choice. 

Let's Go Play! - Hannah shows Michael and Erin that you can still be physically active regardless of what the weather is like outside.


More health-related resources on Knowitall.org include:

Knowitall Healthy! (Grades K-12)  Find videos, online games and resources to improve health, nutrition and physical activity!

Wash Hands Song with Danielle Howle & Flu PSAs from SC DHEC (Grades Pre-K through 12)  Learn the "Wash Hands Song" and view DHEC's Flu PSAs!

Teen Survival Week (Grades 6-12)  Teens face choices that can mean life or death. View the videos.

Keep It Real (Grades 9-12) Viewer discretion is advised.  Learn about the real consequences of unhealthy risk-taking behavior.


You can also learn about health-related careers on these sites:

Kids Work! (Hospital) (Grades K-8)  Learn about jobs in health care in our virtual community.

Career Aisle (Grades K-12)  Career development resources for students, parents and guidance professionals. Job shadowing videos and links to the resources you need–all in one place! View videos from the Health Science Career Cluster here.  

Gear Up/Eye Wonder (Grades 6-12)  Forensics and Emergency Room, middle and high school Health & Safety and Science-career resources for students parents and teachers. Produced by ETV and the Commission on Higher Education.


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